Galilee News: May 19 2022

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From the Principal

Dear Families,

We thank you for your support as we have need to navigate another virus outbreak in Melbourne that has affecting Galilee. Despite the increased number of student and staff absence, we have been able to maintain a very full program of learning.

RAT Update Letter
Absences Letter

Over the past two weeks our students and staff have been involved in demonstration lessons with Michael Ymer, focusing on the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Our Year 5 students have been involved in a STEM program run by Akorn Education; focusing on problem based learning - designing things for real people. Our Year 3 students have attended a Science Incursion today, learning all about Matter and Materials. Year 5 and 6 have been involved in Interschool and Community Sport and we sent a team of students to represent Galilee at the Dendy Cross Country. Students in Year 3 and 5 have completed NAPLAN Assessments in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy. Our Year 1 students prepared a wonderful Mother’s Day Mass that saw the whole school community gathered together, in one spot, for the first time this year. It was a truly special occasion. 

Mr. Millar's Long Service Leave

We wish Mr. Millar all the best as he commences his well deserved Long Service Leave. He will be spending time with his family in Queensland for the remainder of Term 2 and for much of Term 3. He is still communicating regularly with the school and the Building Committee. He will return to school for the final stages of the completion of the New Building, the opening of the New Building and for the School Review that is due to take place in August. In Simon's absence Amy Burns and Carlo Martello will step into the Acting Principal role.

Graduation Congratulations

Congratulations to Mr. Carlo Martello who attended his Australian Catholic University graduation ceremony on Sunday. Carlo completed his Masters of Educational Leadership late last year. We congratulate Carlo on this outstanding achievement. 

Staffing Update

On Friday 6th June, Ms. Karen Jones commenced her Maternity Leave. We thank Karen for everything that she has done with 2J this year and wish Karen all the best as she prepares for the arrival of her first baby. 2J will be taught by Ms. Holly Burke for the remainder of 2022. Holly worked at Galilee in 2018 and 2019 as a Year 2 teacher. She has been on leave from Galilee since 2020, working in schools across Northern Territory. She will return to Galilee in early June to teach Year 2. We are very excited to welcome Holly back to Galilee.  Jack Sandow and Carlo Martello will teach 2J for the next two weeks and will complete a comprehensive handover with Holly when she arrives.

Tegan Stuart will soon be taking Maternity Leave. We have appointed two new staff members to replace Tegan while she is on leave. Iris Webster and Cate James will be joining us in the front office from Monday 30th May. They both come to us with a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience working in Catholic Schools. If you come through the front office, you might get the chance to meet Iris or Cate as they are currently completing a handover with Tegan.

Congratulations Trent

Congratulations to Trent Jansz, guitar teacher at Galilee, and his wife Louise who welcomed their baby boy Lukas, into the world on May 7th.

Thank you to the GPA

We would like to thank the GPA and Carmen Carnovale for hosting a very successful Mother’s Day Lunch on Friday 6th May. The location, food, drinks and raffle prizes were outstanding but the best bit of all was the company. It was so wonderful to come together in one room for the first time in years. There are photos and more details from the GPA in this newsletter.

Thank you to the Year 3 Parents for organising the Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Thank you you to the team of Year 3 Parents and Carmen Carnovale who put together a fabulous Morning Tea on Friday May 6th to celebrate the special women at Galilee. We would also like to thank the Prep Students for performing a beautiful song and our School Captains for presenting the most beautiful poems. 


Our Year 3 and Year 5 students have successfully completed their NAPLAN Assessments. Last week students sat the NAPLAN Writing, Reading, Language Conventions and Mathematics Tests. All NAPLAN assessments were online except for the Year 3 Writing test. NAPLAN Assessments are administered to all Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 students around Australia.

NAPLAN assessment provides parents and schools with an understanding of how individual students are performing at the time of the tests. NAPLAN is just one aspect of a school’s assessment and reporting process – it does not replace ongoing assessments made by teachers about student performance. NAPLAN also provides schools, education authorities and governments with information about how education programs are working and whether young Australians are achieving important educational outcomes in literacy and numeracy.

Dendy District Cross Country

Congratulations to our Galilee Cross Country Team. We were once again impressed by our students' hard work, attitude and resilience as they competed against schools in our district last Friday.  We would like to thank Mr. Kingsley Hill for training the students during lunchtime and supporting them on the day.

Social Media at Galilee

Galilee acknowledges the increasing use of social networking sites as a means of communication and information sharing. We are excited to announce that we have a Facebook and Instagram page for parents and the community to follow! 

You can find our social media accounts by:

On our pages you will be able to see various content including school events, learning and teaching, wellbeing and the building process. 

Please refer to the Galilee Social Media Policy for any further enquiries. This is located on our School Website under MACS Policies Page. 

All posts will be in line with Galilee’s Child Safety Policy and Cyber Safety Policy and will only include students that have been given permission to feature. 

Don’t forget to like and follow our social media pages to stay up to date with all of our posts! 

Best Wishes

Amy Burns
Acting Principal
Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School

Staff & Parent Learning

Michael Ymer at Galilee

On Monday and Tuesday last week, we had the pleasure of a visit by renowned Mathematics consultant, Michael Ymer. Michael ran several sessions with different classes throughout the day which were observed by the teachers.

This was then followed up by a debrief session for  teachers. From these sessions the teachers were able to explore new and different ways of teaching Mathematics in their classrooms. There was a lot of excited chatter, from both students and teachers, about what was learnt from the day.

A big thank you to our Maths Leader, Miss Sammy Bamford, for all her work in organising this great experience for our students and teachers.

Staff Professional Learning with Peter Sullivan

Our Year 3 and 4 Teachers have been lucky enough to be involved in professional development in the area of Mathematics with Peter Sullivan. Peter is a well renowned Mathematics Educator who works out of Monash University. Peter has dedicated much of his life to asking some big questions concerning how young people learn: What tasks are effective in mathematics teaching and how can a teacher best use those tasks? What motivates students to do well? What are the characteristics of an effective classroom and how do students respond?

'We're combining these questions to look at what sort of things teachers can do to encourage students to try hard and persist. What kinds of tasks are challenging and engaging for students and encourage them to work hard? Also, ways teachers can support students in doing the challenging tasks, so as to build the type of learning that we're looking for.'

Techniques that Peter has found to be particularly useful for teaching have been exercises where students have to make decisions, have to connect two or three ideas together, can use different strategies to find the answer, and can find several different answers. During the Professional Development, Peter encouraged the staff at Galilee to set high expectations and set cognitively demanding tasks that challenge students in the area of Mathematics. 

We are thrilled that our Year 3 and 4 teachers have had the opportunity to work with Peter and we look forward to seeing the wonderful things they are trialing in their Maths classrooms. 


The Parent Helper Course is being offered again.

If you have not already completed the Parent Helper Course, the course is being offered again on Thursday 9th June at 9am. The course will go for approximately 30min. The course will be online via Google Meet. The link to access the Parent Helper Course is: 

We look forward to seeing lots of you there.


STEM Workshop with Akorn

On Tuesday, Year 5 students worked with the team from Akorn Education Students participated in two STEM challenges that required them to follow the Stanford Design Process. Students were first asked to design an emergency shelter for a community that had been affected by a natural disaster. Teams of students were required to create a prototype out of one sheet of cardboard that could hold a number of people. The design had to maximize the area that it covered. Students were involved in lots of Maths, Critical and Creative Thinking, Design and Technology and a whole lot of fun. The designs they created were nothing short of amazing especially considering the time constraints. 

In the second task students were required to design something that would assist a person with a disability. Students started to design and explore material and they will continue this process in their classroom over the remainder for Term 2. A team of Year 5 students will be selected to present their final prototype at the STEM Mad Showcase later this year. You can see more about STEM MAD here:

We thank Dave McLeish for organising this incredible experience for the students and we also thank him for organising for a team of Galilee students to present their work at the STEM MAD Showcase later this year.


Galilee Parent Association

Mother’s Day Celebrations

Thank you to Everyone who contributed to and attended our Mother’s Day Morning Tea, Mother’s Day Mass and our annual Mother’s Day Lunch. How lovely it was to be celebrating all the special women in our lives.

We thank the Year 3 Level Reps for their organisation and preparation of a beautiful Mother’s Day Morning Tea.

A BIG Thank You to all those who donated and organised donations to support our Mother’s Day Celebrations. Please see flyer below acknowledging our many sponsors.

Please click on link to photos from Mother’s Day Lunch.

Leandro Olgiati


Mobile: 0434040242



*A 10% discount voucher will be sent to all Parent via Level Reps from Leandro Olgiati Photography

Mother’s Day Flowers

Thank you to all who purchased tulips for Mother's Day and supported the fundraiser. There was great uptake from the school and local community and $400 was raised for the play space and gardens. 


School Disco : Friday June 3, 2022

P-2 and Year 6 Disco flyer has been sent out. Please see the below flyer for more details. Tickets are on sale. Ticket sales close on Friday 27th May so be sure to get your tickets to avoid disappointment. Thank you to our Prep and Year 6 Level Reps who are organising this event.

Lolly Jar- Guess the Number!


We thank you all for your continued support of our school community.

Thank you to our Level Reps who support our events through their continual communication and support of our school community.

Galilee Parents Association


School Photos August 9

School Photos have been rescheduled to Tuesday 9th August 2022.

Please wear full winter school uniform. If you have PE on this day, please wear your full winter school uniform and bring your runners in your bag.

Please refer to flyer on how to order school photos.


Dear families,

We hope you are well and staying warm!
Last  week was dedicated to different foods and everything connected to it.
We started Monday with a huge “all out and about” hide-and-seek game and continued making the paper donuts. Some girls decided to write a book and then to perform it on the stage we have at hall. Of course, we can’t forget our boys with ongoing cards tournament!
On Tuesday we continued our card games as well as group games, which included an obstacle run. As part of the art and craft, we made cupcakes. At the end of the day children initiated a talent show on the stage.
Huge day was on Wednesday: we were making fruits, created various things from the paper play dough, designed Babushka- matryoshka, had “Harry Potter” stage performance, played basketball and Zombie Tag!
Trying to be different, we decided with the children to paint bread with food colouring. It was brand new and interesting experience for all of us on Thursday. Also, we practiced the lockdown drill and set the new record we are proud of!
The last day of the week was a bit calmer. We made candies and magic wands, played Octopus outside and hide-and-seek.
Please don't forget to book your children in advance at and use the Parent Assocoiation trybooking link to book a place at Disco party, which will occur 03.06.2022.
Have a great weekend!
Kateryna& Ryger

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