Galilee News: June 2 2022

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From the Principal

Dear Families,

This week is National Reconciliation Week where we are challenged to Be Brave to tackle reconciliation so we can Make Change for the benefit of all Australians. National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. 

All of our students have been learning the Acknowledgement of Country in Auslan this week with Ms Baptist in Performing Arts. 

Good morning Sun, 
Good morning land,
Good morning me, 
Good morning everyone.
We acknowledge the Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung language people of the Kulin Nation for sharing the land where we play and learn.
We pay our respects to elders past, present, future and emerging.

STEM and St. Mary’s College, East St. Kilda

Last Friday, students from St. Mary’s College in East St. Kilda worked with Year 4 students at Galilee on a STEM project. Students were engaged in discussions around gravity and force and had to design and build a prototype. The problem they were asked to solve was Design something that will allow an egg to be dropped from the first floor and land uncracked on the ground. Students use a range of materials and many built parachutes to cushion the landing of their egg. A number of groups were successful and all of the students left the session having had fun while also learning lots. We can’t thank the students and staff from St. Mary’s for partnering with us in the area of STEM and providing our Year 4 students with this exciting opportunity. 

St. Mary’s College is a Catholic co-educational secondary school located across two campuses in East St. Kilda and Windsor. At St. Mary’s College, they aspire to excellence in learning, acting  with compassion and justice, and inspiring one another to shape a better world for all. A number of Galilee Graduates attend St. Mary’s College (pictured below) and they have reported how happy they are. We encourage you to consider St. Mary’s College when you are deciding which Secondary school is the best option for your child. 

School Closure Day on Friday 10th June

We have an upcoming School Closure Day on Friday 10th June. It is a student free day. GOSH, our out of hours program will be open for the day. If you are planning to send your child/ren to GOSH for the day, please make sure you book them in as soon as possible.

On Friday 10th June, staff will be working with Shelley Waldon, a leading expert in STEM Education. Shelley will be upskilling staff at Galilee on best practice in STEM Education. Staff will work on Project Based Learning and exploring STEM subjects through an integrated inquiry approach. Staff will have the opportunity to engage in STEM activities and plan Term 3 STEM Based Inquiry Units. We thank David McLeish, our STEM Leader for organising the day. We look forward to reporting on what we learned in our next Newsletter.

Farewell Tegan

Last Friday, we farewelled Tegan Stuart who has commenced Maternity Leave. Tegan has worked at Galilee for the past 16 years with much of that in time in the front office. We wish Tegan and Rob all the best as they prepare for the arrival of their baby. 

Jane has extended her leave
We would like to inform the school community that Jane Ferris has extended her leave until the end of the Term 3. We thank Sherian McAuliffe who has been looking after Learning Diversity in Jane's absence. 

New Faces at Galilee

We have a few new faces at Galilee that we would like to introduce you to.

Iris Webster has been employed in the Front Office, while Tegan is on Maternity Leave. Iris has worked in a number of Catholic Schools across Melbourne and comes to us with a wealth of experience in school based administration. Iris will be working in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Cate James has been employed in the Front Office, while Tegan is on Maternity Leave. Cate has also worked in a number of Catholic Schools across Melbourne and comes to us with lots of experience in school based administration. Cate will be working in the office on Tuesday and Friday.

Amreet Gill h
as been employed as our Business Manager. Amreet works at a range of Catholic Schools and she also works for our head office - Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools (MACS). We feel very lucky to have Amreet working with us. She will be in every second Wednesday. 

Holly Burke has been employed to teach Year 2J for the remainder of the 2022 year, as Karen Jones is on Maternity Leave. Holly taught at Galilee in 2018 and 2019 as a Year 2 classroom teacher. She has spent the past two years teaching in a remote community in the Northern Territory. She has decided that now is the right time to return to Melbourne and we couldn’t be more excited that she will be joining our staff once again. Holly has extensive experience teaching a range of year levels in Primary Schools in New Zealand, Victoria and the Northern Territory. Holly will begin in 2J on Monday 6th June.

Nelson Perrott has been employed as an Learning Support Officer for the remainder of 2022. He has completed his final placement at Galilee in Term 2. Nelson will be working in a range of year levels supporting student learning. Nelson will start this position in Term 3 and he will be working five days a week.

Staff Shortages

As you would be aware, we are still experiencing staff shortages and difficulties in finding replacement teachers. There is a state-wide shortage of emergency teachers and we are not the only school facing difficulties. We are working as hard as we can to replace teachers each day and ensure students are given access to the learning expereinces, programs, specialist lessons, incursions and excursions that have been planned for them to participate in. We thank everyone within our community for your continued flexibility, patience and support during this time.

School Photos have been postponed 
Unfortunatly, School Photos have had to be postponed. The company that we use for School Photos are experiencing staffing shortages and are unable to be with us on Monday 6th June. We will re-sechedule the School Photos and inform you of a new date as soon as we can. All orders and payments made for school photos will held over.

I wish you and your family every blessing for the coming week. Stay warm and stay safe.

Amy Burns
Acting Principal

School News June 2

Eucharist 2022

The students are busy preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

These are the next most important dates:

Wed June 15th - Eucharist Reflection day - All Day at Galilee

Sun June 19th - Sacrament of First Eucharist - Sts Peter and Paul Church (1pm)

Please pray the following prayer for the First Eucharist candidates:

3G and 3L

Last week in Year 3G and 3L, we learnt about different types of materials and their properties.

To explore this, we conducted an ‘eggsperiment’ where we had to evaluate properties of different materials and determine which would be the most appropriate to use to drop an egg from a high height without it breaking.
After evaluating the materials, we designed and made our creations.

On Thursday the 26th of May, we conducted our experiment in the playground. We each took turns climbing up onto the playground to drop our egg to see if it would survive the fall. We learnt lots about the different types of materials and their properties and why you would choose materials to suit a particular purpose.

Here are some pictures and videos to show you what we did and create.


Wellbeing - Personal Growth, Body Language

The most powerful message you send to other people are not from what you say, but through your body language. To make sure you send the messages you really want to send to other people, a good idea is to practise the way your face looks, and how you hold your body.

Everyday, say, Good Morning, with a bright and happy face to others, because they matter. Their mirror neurons will ensure that they smile back at you.

Reflect on your body language for each of the following:

  • Facial expressions - smiling, friendly or sour, sad?
  • Gestures - confident, relaxed or tense, stiff?
  • Eye contact - interested watching or looking away?
  • Listening - with your heart or not interested?
  • Voice tones - happy, friendly or dull, boring?

Teachers teach well when they see positive student body language; show them you are interested. In sport be a humble winner and a good loser; accept the umpire’s decision and congratulate others when they do well.


Community News

Donations/Second Hand Uniform shop

Thank you to everyone that donated the old style uniforms. They were collected by a charity that will send them to a school in Fiji.

Special thanks to the following parents who helped - Kate, Rob, Vanita, Adam, Teresa, Katy, Lisa, Gabby, Russ, Monique, Rebecca, Danielle, Emma and Anastasia.

There will be another collection at the end of the year/early next year. If you have any old style uniforms that can no longer be worn, could you please keep them until the uniform shop relocates back to school.

Donations of the following will continue and be appreciated. Please ensure they are clean and wearable. Ask yourself would I donate this to a friend? All new style uniforms and old style - jumpers, rugby tops, blue shorts, blue long pants, new style track pants with green logo.

The shop will open when needed, please send me a message and I will organise a time. All new style donations will be posted on this page until the shop relocates back to school.

Cheers Carla 

For more photos click here.

DOGS Pub Night

Thursday 9th June, 6:30pm onwards

The Cricketers, 69 Cruikshank St, Port Melbourne

Come join the Dads of Galilee School for a friendly get together.  Stay for meal, drink or just a quick drop-in. All welcome.

Hope to see you there.

James Eagle

0432 994 254

D.O.G.S (Dads of Galilee School)

Music Tech

Music Tech will be offered from Term 3 for students in Grades 4, 5 & 6 who are interested in creating music. 

We will learn how to use a Digital Audio Workstation, how to record, sample, loop, add effects and produce music. Songs and albums that are created will be shared via the Cloud so families can download and hear the projects that are completed. No previous music experience is necessary, but for those who are learning to play and sing, this can add a new element of fun and interest to the topic. Fees are the same as instrumental lessons and all the fun tech will be provided (laptop, microphones, audio interface, synth, sample pads, etc).

Contact Leonard at


Dear families, 

We hope you are well, dry, and staying warm!

Zoo Moo week was full of interesting craft, games, and adventures! We chose to make this theme, because currently a lot of children, who attend GOSH, are into all sorts of animals and birds.

On Monday morning we had a huge UNO challenge, which continued in the afternoon as well. Children enjoyed playing hide- and- seek, AFL  and basketball. They were enthusiastic to make farm animals from the paper plates.

On Tuesday our sports team continued to play basketball and AFL. We also were playing Poison ball and Truth or Dare. 10 Children were making leopards and drawing jungles.

Wednesday was the day of making laptops in the morning and various group games outside. As Simon (educator) worked with us today- kids enjoyed playing “Simon says”. We made cute frogs in the afternoon as well as had a big Pokémon’ cards challenge.

Thursday was a very creative day: we had a drama performance on stage (children initiated that) and played musical chairs. As a part of art & craft, we have made elephants, where children showed their imagination in decorating them.

The last day of the week was quiet and sporty: girls were practicing various acrobatic elements, guys had a pillow fight and we played “Musical chairs” again and made butterflies.

Please don't forget to book your children in advance at and contact the office to book the place at the Disco party, which will occur 03.06.2022.

A reminder that next Friday June 10th is a pupil free day at Galilee, please remember to book in your children if they wish to attend GOSH.

Have a great weekend!

Kateryna & Ryger

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)


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Holiday Program bookings are open now. Please book your children in here.

School Photos August 9

School Photos have been rescheduled to Tuesday 9th August 2022.

Please wear full winter school uniform. If you have PE on this day, please wear your full winter school uniform and bring your runners in your bag.

Please refer to flyer on how to order school photos.

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Year 3 Zoo Snooze - 5 (3L), 6 (3G) and 7 (3B) December 


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Medical Consent Form

School Uniform

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Uniform Policy

The Galilee School Uniform is available for purchase from PSW.

PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Prices can be found on the PSW Website.

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee: Located at 228 Bank Street South Melbourne. Open on selected Wednesday mornings which will be published in the newsletter and/or via app.

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Lunch Orders 2022

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