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From the Principal

Principal’s Report

Dear Families,

It is wonderful to be back at Galilee this week to reconnect with the school community, see student learning in action, work with staff in facilitated Maths planning, staff meetings and professional learning team meetings, greet parents at the front gate and sit with the School Advisory Board this afternoon. It has also been wonderful to see the progress of the New Building and work with the Architects, Project Managers and Site Managers to ensure the building that is delivered is everything that we dreamed of. Even though Term 2 is a short, 9 week term and we have been faced with challenging staff shortages and increased student absences, it has been nice to see that our planned events and activities have continued and student learning remain a focus.

2021 Annual Report to the School Community

Below is the Principal Report from our 2021 Annual Report, which will be communicated and distributed, awaiting MACS advice.

In 2021, my role as Principal was full of rewards and challenges with the continuation of COVID-19 restrictions but the beginning of a new and exciting building project.

Expectations for 2021 to return fully to onsite learning were not met with approximately 50% spent in remote learning. Throughout the unpredictable 2021 school year, student learning and wellbeing remained our top priority. I remained concerned for our school community and the impact of the lockdowns but remained focused on the planning for our return and beyond. I am extremely proud of the care, professionalism, and flexibility all staff showed towards our students and school community throughout 2021.

I worked in collaboration with the individual leaders in all areas, encompassing all aspects of home-schooling, including the needs of different students, staff members, families, and year levels. I managed this by ensuring that our team at Galilee were kept up to date with information through daily Google Hangouts and that our support staff were in regular contact with students and families who needed extra support during this time. Just like all staff members at Galilee, I had to pivot in my role as Principal in 2021, managing the legalities of onsite operations, keeping abreast of government and education system directives, organising onsite student and staff limitations, communicating to our community and keeping them up to date with the latest information, whilst being ever mindful of the wellbeing of my staff as they embraced and adapted to each challenge. We sought many ways to support and communicate with each other and our connections remained positive and supportive. 

Pivoting our Learning and Teaching approach to home learning, as well as ensuring we were supporting student wellbeing, was a major focus throughout this time and equally important was integrating our community back into 'normal' school life once restrictions were eased slightly in Term Four. I would like to acknowledge our Leadership Team members not only for the direction and the development of home learning models, but also for instilling confidence in our teachers and support staff in their ability to meet the ongoing challenges.

Thank you to both Deputy Principals, Amy Burns and Carlo Martello for their support and leadership throughout 2021 and to Wendy Dalton, Tegan Stuart, Jane Ferris (Learning Diversity & Wellbeing) and Sharon Cameron (Counsellor) who were vital links between staff and families.

Changes to Home Learning

During lockdowns, there was constant reassessment and evaluation of the success of our learning models. We were able to manage resources to ensure that every student had access to a device so that they could participate in home learning. In beginning of Term Three, we initiated another major review, considered feedback from parents and families, and initiated a new model that closely replicated a day at school. This took some pressure from the parents to educate their child/ren, with many working from home. More Google Hangouts were added to our daily schedule to give the students a chance to socialise and stay connected. English and Mathematics focus groups were continued to ensure students were able to access targeted teaching.

Peaceful Kids and Wellbeing groups remained to ensure we were supporting all students during this very difficult time. The Peaceful Kids initiative that was started during lockdown has been successfully integrated by Jane Ferris and Sharon Cameron, into our regular programing back at school in all classrooms. After our experience of home learning in 2020, the decision was made to have three smaller classes of Prep for 2021, that will collapse into two Year 1 classes in 2022. This decision was made due to less Kindergarten attendance in 2020 and a reduced transition program. The success of this model has ensured its continuation in 2022.


We sustained a strong partnership with our parents throughout the year. A previous survey during lockdowns revealed that 95% of our parents were satisfied with the information and correspondence sent from the school. 86.6% of parents were satisfied with the changed model that provided more Google Meets between students and teachers. We also maintained a strong partnership with our students. 

Our online assemblies were successful and highly attended. The School Advisory Council (SAC) continued to meet online and Staff Meetings were scheduled each week. The SAC, despite many challenges, stayed connected and made many invaluable contributions to the school.

Building Project

After successfully obtaining approval to proceed, construction of the school’s major building project commenced in 2021. The project was made possible following several years of planning and design, as well as the support from MACS and the State Government. The new facility will be a highlight for our school, the local community and Catholic Education. Attached is a Google Slide summarising our progress: Galilee Building Journey The building is expected to be completed in 2022.

The building will provide:

  • Five additional contemporary learning spaces,
  • rooftop playground and garden,
  • STEM and Performing Arts facilities and spaces,
  • Teacher and staff areas including breakout learning and,
  • competition-size basketball stadium/multi-purpose hall.


The new facility has been carefully positioned on the site to maximise learning and outdoor spaces and will have new connections to the existing buildings at the front and rear of the school.


There will be a new entrance to the school via the new façade on Bank Street providing improved access for staff and families and great connection to the local community.

The new building has been designed to comply with disability access requirements set out in relevant legislation and includes features such as accessible walkways, ramps and wheel chair accessible facilities including a lift and toilets.

The building forms part of the Galilee Masterplan which has been developed for the school.

I thank all members of the Building Committee who have worked towards this new facility over the last six years and look forward to completion in 2022.

Students and Prep Transition

Congratulations to our School Captains, Isaac and Eliza who showed consistent and excellent leadership throughout 2021 often joining online meetings and assemblies. I also wish to acknowledge the efforts of all students who had to adapt to changing learning environments.

I am proud that Galilee successfully ran the 2022 Prep Transition Days and I would like to congratulate the Prep Team of: Cassandra Smith, Sheridan McAuliffe and Annmaree Pinner for their flexibility, generosity of time and thorough preparation of these days.

Return to Onsite learning

We managed to reschedule most of our Camps once we returned to school in Term 4, as it was deemed that they were very important to the students after such a long period of home-schooling. Thank you to Helen Rouchecouste, our Religious Education Leader who worked swiftly with classroom teachers and our Parish Priests to ensure Sacraments could take place in 2021.

Learning and Teaching & Governance

2021 saw a change in governance from Parish Priests to MACS (Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools). As a consequence, many school policies had to be adjusted to meet the guidelines of MACS. A number of new policies have been created and added to our school website. I thank Carmen Carnovale for her role in working with me to complete this detailed and lengthy task.

Despite the many adjustments in 2021, Learning & Teaching remained a high priority throughout 2021. Staff and our English Leader, Laura Cox, persisted with continuing to train and implement improved strategies in Writing. Amy Burns, worked with staff to develop a more contemporary model of teaching that would lead to a greater emphasis upon STEM in 2022. Data showed that we were achieving outstanding school results across all areas of English. This highlighted the need to focus on Mathematics and STEM in 2022.

Thank you

Thank you to the School Advisory Board for their tremendous support led by Darren Catherall as Chair and Athena Romic as Deputy-Chair. Their hard work, flexibility, expertise and support was greatly appreciated. Darren will move to being a general member in 2022 with the position of Chair going to Athena. Darren brought a degree of calm professionalism to role and I thank him for his support.

Thank you to the efforts of the Galilee Parents Association, led by Anastasia Kritikos and the Parent Reps who planned many events that could not proceed.

I would like to acknowledge and thank our Parish Priests, Father Hugh Brown and Father Gary Devery for their ongoing support of our families.

For all its challenges, 2021 was a year that we were not expecting but together we found a way to stay connected. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered adversity throughout 2021 as we look forward to 2022 with optimism. 

It has been nice to return temporarily from Long Service Leave this week. I have really enjoyed catching up with the students, staff and families. My leave will re-commence after today till the end of Term Three (except for weeks 5,6 & 7 in Term Three). I will return temporarily to participate in the school’s external review process. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful end of term.

Simon Millar 


School News June 16

Staff STEM Professional Development at Galilee

On Friday, all Galilee Staff attended a STEM Professional Development Day with Shelley Waldon from MACS. Staff were engaged in professional development around best practice and the latest research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education and practical ideas to take back into the classroom.

STEM Education creates critical thinkers, increases science & engineering literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators, leading to new products and processes that sustain and develop our society and economy. This innovation and STEM literacy depends on a solid  knowledge base in the STEM areas combined with the capabilities of effective communication, critical and creative thinking.

Contextualising Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concepts in real-world applications supports learner engagement, deep learning and the full-flourishing of learners as envisioned in Catholic Education’s foundational document: Horizons of Hope. Catholic Schools are encouraged to plan and design stimulating, multidisciplinary inquiries, which focus on the challenges of disability, disadvantage and sustainability, as highlighted by Pope Francis in his ground- breaking encyclical, 'Laudato Si’: on care for our common home'.

Shelley explained the Stanford Design Process which is the STEM based inquiry design process Galilee have implemented this year. This process focuses on problem based learning and asks students to empathise with a local, national or global community issue. At the Professional Development day, staff learned about STEM Education, participated in some STEM activities and planned for Term 3’s STEM Based Inquiry Unit. Next term all students will be involved in a STEM Based Inquiry Unit on Saving the World, focusing on how we can improve the health of the planet. STEM Education is a major focus in Galilee’s Annual Action Plan in 2022. Students in all year levels have been engaged in STEM Based Inquiry Units this year. We thank Dave McLeish for leading us in STEM this year and for providing staff with the opportunity to engage in a STEM Professional Development day that was informative, engaging and practical that will lead to rich learning experiences for our students. 

Maths Facilitated Planning at Galilee

Throughout the last two weeks, Galilee staff have attended Facilitated Planning onsite with Mark Mudge and Joanna Pringle from MACS. Teachers have been learning about the process of effective planning by focusing on a deep knowledge and understanding of the Victorian Curriculum, learning progression in each area of Mathematics, latest research and best practice in Mathematics Learning and Teaching. Each facilitated planning session has started by reading through the Victorian Curriculum, dissecting the content descriptors and assessment standards, to ensure we are creating cognitively demanding and engaging tasks at the point of need of each student within our class.. 

Mathematics is a major focus in our Annual Action Plan at Galilee in 2022 and we have been working very closely with Mark and Joanna as part of the Intensive Partnerships program. Staff have attended off site Professional Development and produced a school goal for 2022 - Cognitively challenging students in Mathematics and developing more growth. Facilitated Planning will continue with Sammy Bamford in Term 3. Sammy will run sessions for staff to ensure we are cognitively challenging students.


Year One Students - Maths at Galilee

First Eucharist

This term, our Year 4 students have been busy preparing to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist on Sunday 19th at 1pm at Ss. Peter and Paul, South Melbourne. This week our Year 4 students participated in a First Eucharist Reflection Day at Galilee. They were involved in activities around Scripture, Signs and Symbols associated with the Sacrament and the Rituals around receiving Eucharist. During the Reflection Day, students also attended Ss. Peter and Paul Church to rehearse. We would like to thank Helen Rochecouste, Mikaila Greenan, Colleen Giles and Sue Kidd for preparing the students at school and we would also like to thank the Year 4 families for teaching, preparing and supporting our Year 4 students at home. We look forward to celebrating with you all on Sunday as the students receive the Sacrament for the first time.


Lightening Premierships

This week, many of our Year 5 and 6 students have been involved in the Soccer, Netball and Football Lightening Premierships, representing Galilee against Catholic schools in our local area. We would like to congratulate the students on their sportsmanship during the competition days and thank the staff and parents who coached, umpired and supported the students. 


Building Update

We are in the final stages of the new building project. This week cladding has gone up, internal painting has begun and windows have been installed. Works have also started on the connection between the new building and the heritage building. We thank you students and staff who have vacated the Heritage building for the last two weeks of this term so that the causeway can be dismantled and the connection between the two buildings can be completed . I would like to thank the Galilee community for your continued patience, flexibility and understanding during the building program. As the building works enter the final stage it is exciting to see the plans for a state of the art learning facility come to fruition. 


Canberra Camp

In the first week next term our Year 6 students will be attending the Year 6 Canberra Camp. Canberra Camp has featured on the Galilee calendar for a number of years. Camp is always an exciting part of our school year here at Galilee. The camp program enables students to further develop their learning and social skills in a non-school environment, as well as, being an integral part of the educational programs offered at our school. Our Canberra Camp for 2022 directly links to the STEM based Inquiry on the Australian Government, and will be extremely beneficial to the education of our students. The Canberra Camp was originally planned for Term 1 and was moved due to COVID-19, based on recommendations from MACS and the Victorian Government. We thank to staff who have orgniased the camp and staff who are attending the camp; Davie McLeish, Amy Burns and Paul Mapley. We trust our Year 6’s are excited and we are very looking forward hearing all about their experience in early Term 3. 


Importance of arriving to school on time

We would like to encourage you to make every effort to arrive at school on time. Arriving before 8.50am each morning ensures your child doesn’t miss out on important learning opportunities that happen early in the day, when children are most alert. It also ensures of the day, which is often reading or writing. If you have been struggling to arrive on time we would like to encourage you to set your alarm earlier next week to make sure that you are giving your child every opportunity to start the school day on time with their peers.


Term 2 concludes at concludes on Friday 24th June at 1.30pm

Next week is the final week of Term 2. Students will finish at 1.30pm on Friday 24th June. GOSH our out of school hours program will be open at 1.30pm on Friday 24th June. We encourage you to book your children in early to avoid disappointment. 

Class Report - Year 4
This term our Year 4 students have worked with Sue Kidd in preparation for their First Holy Eucharist. Sue has been wonderful, coming into their classroom and has been teaching the students about the Eucharist alongside the  Year 4 teachers. The students have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and we wish them all of the very best as they make their Eucharist this Sunday!  

For more pictures click here.

Community News

Galilee Parent Association

School Disco

Thank you to Everyone who attended our School Disco. What an awesome Night!

We thank the Year Prep and Year 6 Level Reps for their organisation and preparation of such a fun and memorable event.

Click here for more photos. 

Lolly Jar- Guess the Number!

Congratulations to our 2 winners:
Harvey Gannon 2J
Tristan Mackenzie 5M

Calendar Changes
Please note changes to upcoming school events due to a delay in Building works. The School Movie Night and The School Gala event have been postponed until further notice. Please keep updated via calendar.

GPA and Level Rep Meeting
Our next Meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th July (venue tbc)

Thank you to our Level Reps who support our events through their continual communication and support of our school community.

- Galilee Parents Association



A massive thank you to the awesome and supportive community of Galilee PS and to The P.O.G.S for representing!
Here is the final amount raised for the music and performance arts programme of your beloved school, thanks to the 60 tickets sold. 

We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor of the Prince Bandroom on the 11th of August 2022 for Battle #4 ! 

Get your tickets here asap and follow us on insta @parents_battle_of_the_bands for updates!


DOGS Comedy Night

Thursday 21st July, 6:30pm onwards
The Rubber Chicken, 256 Moray Street South Melbourne Moray Street, South Melbourne.
Live show (4 stand-ups) starts 7:30pm upstairs.
Tickets $28pp now available via website link below

Come join for the show or before / afterwards downstairs at the bar.  
All welcome. Hope to see you there.

James Eagle
0432 994 254



Good afternoon dear families!

Again, we had an outstanding week full of magic and wonderful things!

The week started with great weather so on Monday we played plenty of group games, made fairy houses and even made a shop! We also created a UNO challenge and initiated the “Green light, red light” game.

On Tuesday we made beautiful fairies in a jar. Jacob and Marco helped Ryger and myself to prepare afternoon snack by cutting melons and watermelons.

Wednesday started with hula hoop races and basketball. In the afternoon we made magic hats and kids created a newspaper about the magic and the last events in the school.

On Thursday we played basketball and soccer. Children enjoyed the Farmer Sam and Fruit Salad game. We also made magic wands which made us feel like we were at Hogwarts 😊.

Friday was a Pupil Free Day and it was long and interesting! In the morning we had a huge obstacle run and free play on the playground. Kids made loom band bracelets and made heaps of lego creations. In the afternoon a group of children made unicorns from paper plates. After the boys saw the craft they joined in too and in the end all of the kids took part in it! 

Please don’t forget to book your children for the Holiday program at

Next week we have an early finish at 1.30 PM, please don’t forget to book in your beautiful children.

Have a great weekend!

Kateryna and Ryger

For more photos click here.

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Year 3 Zoo Snooze - 5 (3L), 6 (3G) and 7 (3B) December 


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Uniform Policy

The Galilee School Uniform is available for purchase from PSW.

PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Prices can be found on the PSW Website.

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee: Located at 228 Bank Street South Melbourne. Open on selected Wednesday mornings which will be published in the newsletter and/or via app.

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