Galilee News: August 11 2022

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From the Principal

Dear Families,

It has been wonderful to be back onsite this week, reconnecting with the students, parents and staff. I have had the opportunity to spend some time in classrooms watching exciting STEM projects take shape, students engage in challenging Maths problems, students producing some exciting writing pieces and I have observed our Year 6’s preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Yesterday we welcomed an external reviewer, Gavin Healy to Galilee. Gavin has been assigned to review Galilee focusing on the school operations, procedures, policies and classroom practice. Yesterday was his first day onsite and he commented on students' evident connection to the school community. He spoke of our vibrant parent community, particularly when standing at the front gate, first thing in the morning, and enthusiastic staff who have a passion for teaching students. Next week, we will welcome Gavin back onsite to meet with students, staff and a small group of parents as well as spending some time in classrooms. Gavin will report back his observations and make suggestions about the priorities he thinks we need to focus on to continue to improve what we do at Galilee. We look forward to sharing his findings in early Term Four.

This week, Galilee received a 1st Place award at the STEM Mad Student Showcase. Dave McLeish, our STEM leader, entered two Year 5 STEM projects. Students who created the STEM projects presented their work to a panel of judges and showcased their work to over 200 people who attended the day. All students involved did an exceptional job. The group that created a Vision Vest, to improve the life of someone who is vision impaired, won their category. They have been invited to showcase their work at STEM National, where students from around Australia will display their successful STEM projects. 


It has been pleasing to see the progress that has been made on the Building Project over the past seven weeks. The flooring of the basketball court is complete, the upstairs classrooms look fantastic and the finishing touches are being made in the Maker Space and STEM room. Over the next few weeks we will see increased activity outside the building as external stairs and pathways go in. We anticipate that we should be able to start using the new building in the coming weeks.

Today, I had the pleasure of joining a number of parents, grandparents and students at the Year 6 STEM Exhibition. The students proudly displayed a prototype of the playgrounds that they designed. It was impressive to see how many groups had included electrical circuits to either light up their playground or make equipment within the playground move. The playgrounds had been well researched and were inclusive. The students confidently spoke about their playgrounds and it was clear to see that they not only learned lots during this project, but they also loved every minute of it.

This afternoon I was able to tour Star of the Sea College in Brighton. Galilee has recently become a feeder school to Star of the Sea College. It was wonderful to see some of Galilee’s alumni thriving there.  Star of the Sea offers girls at Galilee a wonderful Catholic education. They pride themselves on educating young women spiritually, academically, physically and creatively in a compassionate Catholic context. We encourage families to consider Star of the Sea when deciding on a Secondary education for their girls. 

We have a number of upcoming events to look forward to:

  • Tomorrow, Friday 12th August, our Preps and Year 1 students are off to The Melbourne Zoo as part of their learning about sustainability and the environment. 
  • Next Friday, 19th August, our Year 6 students will be going to the Mary McKillop Centre in East Melbourne as part of their learning about the Sacrament of Confirmation. 
  • On Monday 22nd we will commence Book Week celebrations at Galilee, where the students will view performances, focus on the shortlisted books, work with an illustrator, attend the Book Fair and dress up as their favourite book character on Friday 26th August.
  • On Monday 22nd August, we will celebrate Grandparents and Special Persons Day at Galilee. The celebrations will start with a School Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul at 12noon. An afternoon tea will follow Mass, in the school hall, where Grandparents/Special People will also have the opportunity to visit their grandchild’s classroom.
  • On Thursday 25th August, we will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation at Sts. Peter and Paul Church at 7 pm.

Simon Millar
Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School

School News August 11

Year 4: Angahook Camp 

To see more photos from camp click here.

STEM Mad Student Showcase


Last Thursday, select Year 5 students represented Galilee at the STEM MAD Student Showcase at the Catholic Leadership Centre. STEM MAD is designed to acknowledge and promote STEM learning initiatives that address real-world problems and demonstrate how students in Catholic schools take action that matters, by designing a service, products or innovations that make a difference (MAD) to others or the environment. Dave McLeish, our STEM Leader, entered two projects from Year 5 and they were invited to present their work to a panel of judges and a range of staff from Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic School head office, staff from a range of Melbourne Catholic Schools and industry leaders in the STEM field. The students enjoyed representing their school, presenting, exploring products from other schools, and participating in lots of fun STEM based activities throughout the day. Gelati was another highlight of the day!

The two projects that were entered from Galilee were The Vision Vest and Dyslexia Glasses and Dyslexia Pen.


The Vision Vest was created by Harry M, Zach G, Tristan and Felix. The design process they used was the Stanford Design Process. They worked on the project in Term 2 and presented it at STEM Mad last Thursday. Below is an outline of their work.


After researching, we discovered that people who are visually impaired rely on Seeing Eye Dogs to get around. Seeing Eye Dogs are difficult to get, they take a lot of time to train and they are very expensive. We wanted to create something that was less expensive and easier to access.  We wanted to make a difference in the life of someone who is visually impaired. 


We wanted to create a vest that someone who was visually impaired could wear. We wanted to create something that would give a visually impaired person the ability to get around without a seeing eye dog.


We started by thinking we could strap a camera to the vest and connect it to google maps so that google could direct a visually impaired person around. We then thought a sensor might work better because google maps directions are not very detailed. We explored circuits and pressure switches and decided that this would work better for our vest. 




We designed an electrical circuit with a pressure switch. The battery has a positive and negative charge. We hooked up a circuit using wires so that the electricity would flow along the wire and back into the battery. We then added an alarm that would make a sound every time the circuit was connected up. Finally, we added a switch using a paperclip. Our teacher helped us. Every time we push down the paperclip makes contact and completes the circuit and the alarm goes off. When we take pressure off, the paper clips jumps up and the circuit is incomplete and no alarm sounds.




The Dyslexia Glasses and Pen was created by Ruby, Camilla, Aston and Luke in Year 5. The design process they used was the Stanford Design Process. They worked on the project in Term 2 and presented it at STEM Mad last Thursday. Below is an outline of their work.


We watched a video about Dyslexia and how it affects their lives at school. We saw how difficult it makes people's lives. We learned about kids with dyslexia and could see how hard their life was and how stressful it can be for them.


Dyslexia is a common learning disability that affects around 1 in 10 people. It affects their ability to spell, read and write. At least 2 million Australians have dyslexia. We wanted to create a product that would make a difference in the life of someone who had dyslexia. 


We started by thinking of a few different ideas: 

  • Learning Helmet to wear,
  • A book that was printed so that it was easier for a person with dyslexia to read,
  • Glasses that could be worn to make reading and writing easier,
  • A pen to help with spelling and writing.


We couldn’t decide between the pen and the glasses because they both had different benefits. The glasses could help with reading and writing and the pen could help with writing and spelling. We decided to work on both products.


The glasses have coloured filters in the lenses because people with dyslexia find it hard to read something on bright white paper with bright white light. They are light sensitive. The coloured lenses in our glasses are changeable because in different situations, different coloured lenses are helpful and different people prefer different colours.

The pen works as an autocorrect pen to help with spelling. You can use the pen to write on an app on the chromebook. The app converts the handwriting to text and then identifies the miss spelled word. 


We researched the colour wheel and which colour filters would dull a situation the best. We wanted to make sure the glasses helped dyslexic people who are light sensitive. 

We noticed that colours that are opposite on the colour wheel took the most light out or made it really dull. Making paper dull, rather than bright helps someone with dyslexia focus more. These glasses will help them to read and write better.

The pen uses handwriting to text features of an app and then autocorrect on the computer. It has a soft tip allowing it to be used on the chromebook.

Yr 4 Hooptime

On Thursday July 28th we had 5 teams competing in the Junior Hooptime Basketball competition held at MSAC. Children from Year 4 competed across different levels in a round robin format against other schools.

With great interest we were able to enter an All Star boys team , 3 future stars team and a rookies team this year. All the children had a great day and really enjoyed the opportunity to play with their friends.

A huge thankyou to Paul, Jack, Sarah and Reb who helped to coach the teams on the day as well as all the parents who came along to support the children walking to and from the stadium.


Confirmation Dates

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated this term. The dates are as follows:

  • Monday August 15th, 9-10am, Sue Kidd Confirmation Preparation #3
  • Friday August 19th, 9: 00am - 3:20pm, Year 6 excursion to the Mackillop Centre, East Melbourne
  • Tuesday August 23rd, Confirmation Practice in the church, 9 – 10:30am, 2:15 – 3:15pm-Bishop Tony Ireland to meet Year 6's for Confirmation at Galilee
  • Thursday August 25th, 7 – 8pm, Confirmation Galilee Students StsPP 


Prayer for our Confirmation Candidates

Come Holy spirit, be with our Confirmation candidates always.
Show them how to use Your seven gifts: Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Fortitude, Counsel, Piety and Fear of The Lord in ways to help their community, family and friends.
Allow them to faithfully follow Jesus every day of their lives.
Help them to make wise and good decisions.
Comfort them in times of trouble.
Celebrate with them in times of joy. 
Reveal your everlasting love to them, so they may grow as your precious child, becoming everything you destined them to be.
We pray this in the mighty name of Jesus,


Presenting our SRC members in the classroom....

Don’t forget to head over to our Social Media pages and follow us to see what is happening across the school! 





Personal Growth. Positive Self-Talk

Positive self talk builds your wellbeing

Courage - I can and I will

  • Say “sorry” and make things right when I do the wrong thing by someone else.
  • Come to school even when I don’t feel like it.
  • Stand up to my friends and lead when they want to do the wrong thing.
  • Include other students who get left out of the group.

  • Believe in the person I see in the mirror every morning; compare myself with me, no one else.
  • Not hold a grudge when someone does the wrong thing to me, and forgive them.
  • Own up when I have done the wrong thing, and accept the consequences.
  • Smile and be positive when I’m under pressure and nervous.

Community News


The Prince Bandroom (29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182).


Check out the video here, from last year.
Remember to say you are supporting P.O.G.S. (Galilee PS) when buying tickets, so that the money goes to the school.

Hope to see you there!





Give a helping hand this season

At Red Cross in Victoria, volunteers are the heart and soul of your local Red Cross Shop. They are there to give to the community, build up their skills to support their career pathways or for their passion for fashion.
Everyone is invited to give the gift of being a Red Cross Shop volunteer and your local Red Cross Shop in South Melbourne invites you to be a part of their volunteering team.
To apply please click or call VIC HUB on 0467 778 125 to get more information.


Jeans for Genes Day - Friday 16th September

                 1 in 20 kids face a birth defect or genetic disease


Kids just want to be kids, but instead of playing sports with their friends or catching butterflies on a sunny day, kids with genetic diseases are getting liver transplants, taking dozens of medications, or getting their next dose of chemotherapy. It shouldn’t be this way. By donating through Jeans for Genes, you can help the scientists at Children’s Medical research Institute find cures, so these kids can go back to being kids.

Galilee will be holding a fundraiser event on the very last day of term, Friday 16th September to help this amazing cause. We have set up a website where you will be able to directly donate money to or you will be able to give $2 on the day and wear your favourite jeans to help support this amazing cause.


Good afternoon, dear families!

Hope you are happy and well. We have had a fun 2 weeks at GOSH as we
have been busy exploring 2 themes:

1) Cartoons
2) Music is the answer

During “Cartoons” week we made Minions from paper plates, designed princess dresses, made crowns, created monsters and made swords.

As we have had some really great weather lately, we have spent plenty of time outdoors playing Octopus, Farmer Sam, Everybody’s in, footy, hide- and- seek, basketball, free play on the playground and of course AFL.

We also practiced lockdown and the children did amazing job!

The week has been dedicated to music, so we made vinyl records, walk of fame stars, drums and tambourines. We look forward to making paper pianos on Friday.

Please don’t forget to book your children in advance at

Have a great weekend!

Kateryna and Ryger

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