Galilee News: September 8 2022

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From the Principal

Dear Families,

Who could believe that we are coming to the end of another busy term at Galilee?  Term Three has been action packed with camps, Sacraments, incursions and excursions occurring as well as many whole school events such as Book Week, Grandparent’s Day, Footy Colours Day and Father’s Day.  Many of these activities would not have been able to happen without an incredible team of parents who work behind the scenes to make them possible. I would like to thank our amazing parent group for organising the Father's Day Breakfast which was a huge success, running a very successful Bunnings Barbeque the weekend before last, organising morning tea for our Grandparents on Grandparents day, helping in the classrooms, attending excursions, supervising groups of students at Sol Green during recess, attending school based events, supporting each other through our Parent Representatives, coaching sporting teams, cheering on our students, attending focus group meetings with the external reviewer….. the list could go on.

It has been so wonderful to have our families back onsite and involved in school activities.  We acknowledge the importance of building strong home-school connections and we thank all of our parents/carers for the fantastic job that they do in supporting their children's learning journey.

Bunnings BBQ

On Saturday, August 27th the DOGS united for the annual Bunnings BBQ at Port Melbourne.  The day saw us blessed with great weather, and once the onions hit the grill, it was hard to hold back the customers!

A big thank you to all staff, dads, mums & children who assisted on the day.  It was great to see many of our school community present and purchasing what was said to have been the best sausages ever.  A shout out to Ralph's Meat Company @ South Melbourne Market who generously supplied these delicious sausages.  Be sure to keep them in mind as the barbecue season approaches! 

Some great contributions all around made this another pleasurable day on our calendar raising $2480! This will be valuable in redeveloping our new playground.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Next week we are encouraging parents/carers to make time to speak with classroom teachers during the Parent Teacher Conferences.

Conferences will be held on Monday 12th September 12.30-7pm and Wednesday 14th September 3.30-5pm.

Please note; Monday 12th September, students will finish at 12 noon (gates will open at 11.45am) and Wednesday 14th September students will finish at normal time (3.25pm). 

Last year we changed the format of Student Led Conferences based on feedback from students, teachers and parents.  This year we are running Parent Teacher Conferences with samples of student work available for you to view prior to the meeting or following the meeting with the teacher. 

You are encouraged to book an appointment via Operoo to meet with your child/ren’s classroom teacher.  The meeting with classroom teachers will be ten minutes in length and will be an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification about student achievement.  You are welcome to attend this ten minute meeting with or without your child. 

You will be encouraged to arrive ten minutes prior to this meeting or stay ten minutes after the meeting, so you can spend some time with your child looking at and discussing a sample of their work.  A sample of each student's work will be in the corridor outside the classroom, in a space where you can sit together to discuss their learning.  The samples of work will demonstrate your child’s understanding of a range of subject areas.  Samples of work will not necessarily be polished, final pieces, but may be samples of unedited work that show what students can produce independently. 

We hope this new format provides you with an opportunity to view your child’s work and talk to them about their learning as well as meet with the teacher to discuss your child’s learning achievements and future learning goals.

MACSSIS School Surveys

Last week (Monday-Thursday) select families were emailed login details to complete the MACSSIS survey.  This survey is very important to the school as it drives future direction for school improvement.  It is vitally important that all families who received an email, complete this survey as it forms the basis of our school improvement focus for 2023 and beyond.  All Year 4-6 students and staff will also complete the MACSSIS surveys.  The survey will close on Friday 16th September - the last day of Term 3.


New Building

Our new building is only days away from being finished.  We couldn’t be more excited to be able to offer our students a state of the art facility to learn in.  Furniture has been delivered into all the classroom spaces and the finishing touches are being added.  We anticipate that students will be able to access the new building next Thursday.  All students will have the opportunity to see the new building and we will extend the invitation to families in early Term 4.

Staff were able to tour the building site on Monday during our school closure day.

The outside area will be completed over the school holidays.  We have a team of people who will be resurfacing the outside area so that it is ready to be used on the first day back next term.

STEM Mad National

We are very proud of our Year 5 students, Harry M, Tristan M and Zac G for making it all the way to STEM Mad National this year.  STEM Mad National is a showcase of student work in STEM with students from around Australia.  Our team of students won their category at STEM Mad Victoria and then went on to present their work at STEM National.  A longer explanation and some photos from the day are later on in this newsletter. 

Year 6 working with Robogals through Monash University

Last week a team of Monash University students from Robogals worked with our Year 6 students in Robotics as part of a STEM project. The students thoroughly enjoyed it. They focused on coding to get their robot to move along a pathway.  It was very impressive to watch the students program the robots.  Thank you to David McLeish for organising this opportunity for the students.

School Closure Day on Monday

On Monday, staff gathered at Galilee to participate in a School Closure Day focusing on STEM, Mathematics and Wellbeing. The day was extremely beneficial. Staff worked on the pedagogical approach to teaching STEM and on curriculum content knowledge in Mathematics.  Both STEM and Mathematics has been a major focus at Galilee in 2022.  We have been focusing on best practice, current pedagogical approaches and developing a deep understanding of the curriculum.  We thank Dave McLeish and Sammy Bamford for leading our staff in these areas.  Staff were also able to tour the new building and participate in Wellbeing activities that our Learning Diversity Leaders Sheridan McAuliffe and Sarah Terrill organised.  It was a very successful day.  Thank you for making alternative arrangements with your children so that staff could participate. 



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lucie Gilmour for the work that she has done in Year 3G this term.  Lucie has been a wonderful addition to our team this term, working in 3G while Cassandra Gleeson was on approved leave. We thank her for all your hard work this term.

Next Term we welcome back Cassandra Gleeson and Laura Cox who will both be returning from approved leave.

We will welcome Mr. Millar back on Monday 12th September.

We look forward to seeing many of you onsite or on Google Meet next week for our Parent Teacher Conferences. Thank you for a wonderful Term 3.  I hope all of our families have a relaxing and restful holiday break. 

Amy Burns

Deputy Principal

School News September 8

The Sacrament of Confirmation

Many of the past and present students from Galilee and students from the parish celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation at Sts Peter and Paul church on Thursday August 25th.

It was a lovely and reverent ceremony celebrated by Bishop Tony Ireland and concelebrated by Fr. Gary Devery. The students were well prepared and participated enthusiastically. Bishop Ireland was warm and friendly and gave a relevant sermon illuminating the use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the students’ lives. Many thanks to all involved (especially Dave Mc Leish, Sue Kidd, Helen Rochecouste, the students’ sponsors and families) and all who participated and attended to support the Confirmation candidates and their families. It was also a successful collaboration between the families, school and parish. 

Father's Day Mass

The Father’s Day Mass was a great celebration of the Fathers and Special Men in the lives of the students at Galilee!  This was celebrated at Sts Peter and Paul church last Friday September 2nd by Fr. Gary Devery. It was a lovely and reverent ceremony. The students were well prepared and the whole school participated enthusiastically. Many thanks to all involved (especially the Year Prep teachers - Annmaree Pinner, Brighid Fahy, Holly Evans, Sheridan McAuliffe, the beautiful Prep students and Helen Rochecouste) and all who participated and attended to support the Prep students.

We hope the Fathers and Special Men had a brilliant day last Sunday!



On Tuesday 6th September, Tristan , Zach  and Harry from year 5 attended STEM National at the Melbourne Convention Centre. At the exhibition, they presented their ‘Vision Vest’ to judges and other teachers from schools across Australia. STEM National is designed to acknowledge and promote STEM learning initiatives that address real-world problems and demonstrate how students in Catholic schools take action that matters, by designing a service, products or innovations that make a difference to others or the environment.


The Vision Vest was created by Harry M, Zach G, Tristan and Felix. The design process they used was the Stanford Design Process. They worked on the project in Term 2 and presented it at STEM National. Below is an outline of their work.


After researching, we discovered that people who are visually impaired rely on Seeing Eye Dogs to get around. Seeing Eye Dogs are difficult to get, they take a lot of time to train and they are very expensive. We wanted to create something that was less expensive and easier to access.We wanted to make a difference in the life of someone who is visually impaired.

We wanted to create a vest that someone who was visually impaired could wear. We wanted to create something that would give a visually impaired person the ability to get around without a seeing eye dog.

We started by thinking we could strap a camera to the vest and connect it to google maps so that google could direct a visually impaired person around. We then thought a sensor might work better because google maps directions are not very detailed. We explored circuits and pressure switches and decided that this would work better for our vest.

We designed an electrical circuit with a pressure switch. The battery has a positive and negative charge. We hooked up a circuit using wires so that the electricity would flow along the wire and back into the battery. We then added an alarm that would make a sound every time the circuit was connected up. Finally we added a switch using a paperclip. Our teacher helped us. Every time we push down the paperclip makes contact and completes the circuit and the alarm goes off. When we take pressure off the paper clips jumps up and the circuit is incomplete and no alarm sounds.

Wellbeing/Cybersafety Incursion


On Monday September 12 all students will be watching an exciting performance called 'Saving Lil & Archie' that shows students how to regulate their emotions and connect with people in a positive way.

Saving Lil & Archie is designed to complement our school’s existing wellbeing programs and facilitate further learning in the classroom. Brainstorm Productions is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.

Don’t forget to head over to our Social Media pages and follow us to see what is happening across the school! 




Accomplishment & Optimism

Connect. Extend. Challenge.

By using the Connect, Extend, Challenge thinking tool, you will stretch your thinking to grow your brain’s abilities. 

Connect - how does what was taught relate to what you already know?

Extend - how have these new ideas stretched your thinking in new directions?

Challenge - what do you still have to learn more about? What questions do you have?

This structure will help you better explore what you are learning, and make more sense of it.


Good afternoon, dear families!

It’s almost end of the Term, please don’t forget to book your children for the school holidays at

We had an amazing weeks full of fun and new experiences!

Last week was dedicated to all sorts of cartoons and cartoon’s heroes and this week is dedicated to superheroes of all sorts.

We have made minions, trolls, Disney characters, monsters, superhero masks, superhero cuffs, superhero shields and created our own superheroes.

We enjoyed playing hide and seek, footy, basketball, dodge ball and plenty more group games.

As always, photos and happy children’s faces will say way more than words!

We have prepared an outstanding holiday program:
- Making desserts (what usually doesn't happen at GOSH)
- DIY art and craft
- New sports equipment
- Wonderful incursions and amazing excursions

Please don’t forget, that next week we have an early finish on Monday at 12pm and again on Friday at 1:30 pm. Please book, or re- book your children according to this schedule.

Have a great weekend and will see you on holidays or in Term 4!

With big love,

Kateryna, Ryger and Liana

For more photos click here.

Community News

Second hand uniform shop

The second hand uniform shop will be open the last week this term - Thursday 15th September, and the first week in term 4 - Monday 3rd October at 9 - 9:15am

Address: 228 Bank St, opposite the south Melbourne police station.

There are only old style uniforms available - jumpers, rugby tops, blue shorts, long blue pants, hats, scarfs. All new style donations will be posted on the Galilee second hand uniform shop facebook page until the shop relocates back to school.

Galilee Dads Camp 2022 @ Wyuna Queenscliff

When: November 12-13th (Sat / Sun)
Where: YMCA Camp Wyuna Queenscliff - 71 Flinders St

We are very excited to announce Dad’s & Kids Camp. The eagerly awaited camp returns after being postponed. A great weekend for kids and dads alike, with fun team buildingactivities, bonding experiences, lasting friendships formed and memories made. An exciting overnight event, open to all Dads & Children of Galilee.

Please refer to flyer below for further information about the camp! 

Jeans for Genes Day - Friday 16th September

1 in 20 kids face a birth defect or genetic disease

Kids just want to be kids, but instead of playing sports with their friends or catching butterflies on a sunny day, kids with genetic diseases are getting liver transplants, taking dozens of medications, or getting their next dose of chemotherapy. It shouldn’t be this way. By donating through Jeans for Genes, you can help the scientists at Children’s Medical research Institute find cures, so these kids can go back to being kids.

Galilee will be holding a fundraiser event on the very last day of term, Friday 16th September to help this amazing cause. We have set up a website where you will be able to directly donate money to or you will be able to give $2 on the day and wear your favourite jeans to help support this amazing cause.

Dear carers, teachers and students,

The war in Ukraine has caused the largest displacement of people since world war II. 2/3 of children have been displaced from their homes and many have lost their lives. UNICEF provides these children with food, shelter, schooling, vaccinations, healthcare and psychological counselling. This cause has touched my heart being the mother of two well nourished happy kids who have never had to worry about where their next meal is coming from or whether they will have a safe place to sleep. They have never been exposed to the trauma and violence that these Ukrainian children have witnessed, been part of and/or lost their loved ones to in the most tragic of ways.

My gorgeous little girl is doing Gymnastics at a terrific local club, Fishermen's Bend Gymnastics Club. I have set up a fundraising activity for the gymnasts to challenge their peers, carers, siblings and friends to learn how to do the splits, or at least get close to it, in 9 weeks. The club will help create a programme to help us get to the goal. The challenge start date is 12/9/22 and end date 18/11/22. I will post some photos of my journey which should be entertaining.

There are 2 ways to get involved: 
#team #community #people #inspiration #help

1) Follow this link and sponsor me to do the challenge (I promise I cannot do the splits and have recently had a 6 hour abdominal surgery, nothing to worry about, so am stiff as a board)
2) Join my team (see tab on my profile), create your own profile and send out to your own online community by sending your link or QR code.
p.s. There are so many devastating tragedies unfolding all over the word. If this one does not touch your heart, please use this as a wee inspiration to set up your own fundraising activity. I can help you do this.

Best wishes,






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