Galilee News: October 6 2022

- Issue 15 -

From the Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome Back to Term 4. It was a pleasure to watch the excited faces arrive back to school on Monday morning. The video below captures the moment some of our students and their families walked onto the new playground and into the new building on Monday morning. 

Please see the short video below of students arriving yesterday for school.

I want to acknowledge the amazing flexibility and positivity shown by everyone within our community, over the last two years. The building project has limited our space and places for learning and play. Our students, staff, and parent community have been extraordinary as we have navigated each stage of the building project.

I am sure you will agree that the outcome of our nearly two year building project is incredible. We are now able to offer our students at Galilee, a state of the art learning facility. It includes a competition sized basketball court, Performing Arts Studio, STEM Room, Maker Space, four new classrooms occupied by our Senior students, multiple Music Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Planning spaces, and a rooftop playground that has one of the best views of Melbourne. 

The additional spaces are already having a positive impact on learning. Not all students learn the same way and many thrive in all sorts of different settings. This week we have already seen: drama on top of the sandpit, writing on the rooftop area, and measuring (maths) in the extended playground. Year 6 estimated the cost of the new astro turf using numerous strategies-extraordinarily, they estimated within one dollar of the actual cost!

Our new building has a host of sustainable features aimed to lessen the impact on our environment:

  • Many lights have automatic sensors to ensure that they do not stay on unnecessarily.
  • Rain water tanks are linked to toilets.
  • Solar panels (see below) cover most of the roof of the new building which will produce (on a sunny day) up to 40 Kilowatts per hour. This may produce all of the electricity that the school needs throughout each day. This will reduce (or possibly eliminate) the need for external electricity lessening the impact on our environment and reducing our bills!
  • The external facade is designed to provide higher insulation lessening the need for heating and cooling.


Maths Night
It was wonderful to see so many families attending our Maths Night with Mick Ymer. Thank you to Sammy Bamford (Maths Leader) and Amy Burns (DP, Learning and Teaching) for organising, and to the staff that attended and provided supervision of the children. We hope to see many more parents attending school-based events.

Peaceful Kids
Today Georgina Manning from Peaceful Kids came to Galilee to film a video  promoting the Peaceful Kids program.  A group of Year 2 students were involved with the filming. Of course Arte also featured in the video as she is a large part of our Wellbeing Program. It was a fun day and we can't wait to see the video. 

Parent Tours
of the new facility will be held at the following dates and times:

Friday October 7th, 9am and 2:45pm

Monday October 10th, 9am

Tours will be coordinated by our Year 6 students for about 20 minutes, followed by morning/afternoon tea with Mr Millar.

Over the holidays Paul Mapley co-ordinated the redevelopment of the outside playground. The outside space has been fully utilised for both play and learning activities.

Access to the Basketball Stadium 

  • All students will need to wear runners every day from Monday 3rd October - Friday 14th October to access the Basketball Stadium at recess and lunch for the first two weeks of Term 4. This is to allow time for the new surface to settle. We are asking students to wear runners with their normal uniform for the first two weeks of Term 4. 
  • PE lessons will be conducted from the new basketball stadium and new outside playground from the start of Term 4. 
  • The Basketball Stadium and the outside basketball area has been reserved for Galilee School use only in Term 4. It will not be available for before school or after school training of any sort during Term 4. More information regarding using Galilee Basketball Stadium and outside court before and after school in 2023 will be sent in a separate communication. Please do not contact us regarding using or hiring the facilities until we send out this information. 

School Uniform

  • All students must wear their school hat from Monday 3rd October. Students must also wear runners from Monday 3rd October - Friday 15th October. This is to allow time for the new surfaces on the outside playground and indoor basketball stadium to settle. We are asking students to wear runners with their uniform for the first two weeks of Term 4. 
  • For the first two weeks students will have the option of wearing either Full Summer Uniform or Full Winter Uniform with their runners. 
  • From Monday 17th October all students must wear Full Summer Uniform with their black leather school shoes. 
  • The days that students need to wear P.E. Uniform remains unchanged in Term 4.

Sunsmart Policy in Term 4

  • All students are required to wear a Galilee School Hat from the first day of Term 4, Monday 3rd October. Galilee will be following the Sun Smart directive of ‘No hat - No play’. Please name your child’s hat clearly.
  • All students are encouraged to apply sunscreen before school and to carry their own sunscreen that can be applied before going out to play at recess and lunch. Please note teachers are not able to apply sunscreen and the school is not able to supply sunscreen.

Morning Drop-Off Procedures in Term 4

  • Students will continue to arrive through the normal Bank Street Gates between 8.35-8.50am.
  • On arrival, students will walk directly to their classroom and can be accompanied by their parents/careers. Please be reminded all students who arrive after 8.50am must come past the school office so that their arrival at school can be recorded for the roll.

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures in Term 4

The Bank Street Gates and the Park Street Gates will be open between 3.20pm - 3.25pm for parents to wait on the playground for students to arrive onto the playground with their class.
  • Students will be brought down to the playground by their classroom teacher by 3.25pm.
  • Classes will be stationed around the outside edge of the playground and students will be instructed to wait with their teacher until their parent/guardian collects them, at or after 3.25pm. 
  • Parents/Guardians will be able to exit via Bank Street or Park Street after collecting students.
  • Students making their own way home will be dismissed at 3.25pm
  • Students attending GOSH will be sent to GOSH at 3.25pm

Our Swimming Program for 2022 begins in Week 2 for all Year Five and Six students, Week 3 for all Year Prep to 2 students and Week 4 for Year Three and Four students. The swimming program is an integral part of the Physical Education program in our school and an important component of the National Curriculum. The program is being held at MSAC and students will be bussed to and from the venue with teachers and parent helpers. Students are not permitted to be transported by other parents.

We have booked the indoor 50m pool (the depth can be adjusted to 80cm) for the more able swimmers and a smaller heated pool for less confident swimmers (the depth can be adjusted to 50cm) both pools will be adjusted to an appropriate depth for each year level. 


These Swimming Lessons are part of our Physical Education program and therefore are compulsory for all students.  If there are students with medical conditions, that restrict them from taking part in this program, a medical certificate needs to be submitted to Mr. Martello or Mrs. Burns before the lessons begin.

Students are to wear their bathers under their school uniform to school.  They also need to bring a towel, underwear, a pair of thongs (not compulsory), and a plastic bag for wet items in a small backpack.  Please ensure each item inside the backpack (clothing, towel etc.) is clearly labeled.

Please note, that we require all students to wear swimming caps and goggles during their lesson - most students should still have their Galilee swim cap from last year.

All Preps and new students in 2022 you will receive a free swim cap.

If you have misplaced your cap you can purchase one from Wendy at the office for $3.00.

We encourage students eat healthy food and drink plenty of water during the day, especially as they need extra energy whilst swimming. A post swim apple or another piece of fruit can be eaten on the return trip to school.

Other things to note:

  • We will not be having a school Assembly in Week 1 of Term 4. Our first school assembly will be on Friday 14th October and all parents are welcome to attend.
  • School Closure days for Term 4 are Monday 31st October and Friday 2nd December.
  • School Musical dates will be confirmed in the coming week. 
  • Last Day of Term 4 for Year 6 only is Thursday 15th December at 1:30pm. 
  • Last Day of Term 4 for students in Prep - Year 5 is 16th December at 1:30pm. 

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you at our New Building Tours over the coming days and at our many different events during Term 4.

Best Wishes,

Simon Millar





Learning and Teaching

STEM in Term 4

In term 4, students will be learning about health and will explore growth, change and transitions that we all experience throughout our lives. They will have the opportunity to investigate how we change and ways we can keep ourselves and others healthy and safe. Students will use and follow the Stanford Design Process to create a prototype that helps make the world a better place and improves their health or the health of someone else.


Mathematics in Term 4

Maths Parent Night with Mick Ymer
We would like to thank the 100+ parents who attended the Maths Parents Night with Mick Ymer last night. It was wonderful to see our Stadium filled with parents, keen to learn about the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics at Galilee.

Mick spoke to parents about the difference between Mathematics and Numeracy. He explained that Mathematics focuses on drill and practice, where students are asked to fluently answer an equation style problem with speed and accuracy.  He explained that Mathematics was emphasised in schooling many years ago. It is still something that we teach but it is not emphasised as much as it once was. Numeracy is the application of Mathematics in a real-world context with the focus being on figuring out the answer using a strategy that works best for each individual. He explained that most adults require Numeracy in their everyday lives, where they are asked to estimate, reason, explain and justify the Maths they encounter on a daily basis. Adults encounter Maths when they have to cut up a large lasagna to serve a large group of family members for dinner, estimating the shopping bill in the supermarket, working out the cost of an item that is on sale for 30% off the price.

Teachers and students at Galilee have been working with Mick this year during planning sessions, Professional Development Days and in demonstration lessons within the classrooms.  He has invigorated the way that we are teaching Maths. We have been focusing on making Maths real, relevant and open ended so that everyone within the classroom is able to engage in cognitively demanding tasks.

Facilitated Planning in Maths
Yesterday teachers engaged in Facilitated Planning with Mark and Jo from MACS (head office). Teachers worked on developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Victorian Mathematics Curriculum. They also focused on developing a deep understanding of the developmental continuum focusing on how to best move students along the developmental continuum using current understandings of best practice.


English in Term 4

In Term 4 Students will continue engaging in Big Talk, Big Write and VCOP. Students will also be participating in a Cold Write in the middle of the term, focusing on writing a Recount.

What is Big Talk?
Big Talk supports writers before they start writing. It is an interactive writing session that is focused on talking before writing. It is broken up with numerous games and activities that can be differentiated to suit multiple learning abilities, and where oral language is the focus.

What is Big Write?
Big Write is just one, of the many, writing sessions in the week.  It’s a special start/stop piece of writing, where the students ‘show off’ and celebrate all the skills they have been learning from the English and Inquiry Curriculum that week. It has a special atmosphere to promote calm and creative writers and encourages students to reflect on their learning and how they can improve.

What is VCOP?
VCOP stands for vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation. These four elements quickly and easily enhance writing by creating the writer’s voice. Together with GHaSP (grammar, handwriting, spelling and punctuation)- the building blocks to correct and clear writing, VCOP adds the icing on the cake- excitement, pizzazz and flow to keep the audience engaged throughout the piece.

What is a Cold Write?
At certain points through the year, students will complete a ‘Cold Write’. This is undertaken in similar conditions to a Big Write but students are given their writing stimulus immediately before writing rather than the day before. This allows students to show what they know without external help and enables teachers to assess and moderate writing and establish individual writing goals for each student.


School News October 6

Commedia dell’ Arte


“Woooooooo” we all cheered as Pantalone stepped out on stage. 

On Tuesday the 13 of September the  Prep to 6 classes participated in an Italian incursion called, Commedia dell’ Arte, run by Adam. 

In the incursion we learnt about the features of the different characters masks and how to depict the different characters' emotions. The masks that he used are part of a special event in Venice, Italy, called Carnevale. The masks were made of leather resulting in a dark smooth finish on them.

The show was about Pantalones daughter Colombina getting married to Il Capitano and the things Il Capitano had to go through to get Pantalones approval. 

The show was interactive and some students were chosen to join in. He even added some magic and circus tricks in the mix.  

Everyone absolutely loved learning about and watching the show. A special thank you to Signora Petrarca for organizing it.

Daniella and Thomas Year 6 Italian leaders

Child Safe Standards


The Victorian Government introduced  new Child Safety Standards on 1 July 2022.

What is different?

Although similar to Victoria’s current Child Safe Standards, key changes include new requirements:

  • to involve families and communities in organisations’ efforts to keep children and young people safe
  • for a greater focus on safety for Aboriginal children and young people
  • to manage the risk of child abuse in online environments
  • in relation to governance, systems and processes to keep children and young people safe.

We will be adding the new Child Safety standards to each newsletter for the rest of the term. This week, we are looking at Child Safety Standard 2 and 3.

In complying with Child Safe Standard 2, an organisation must, at a minimum, ensure: 

2.1 The organization makes a public commitment to child safety. 

2.2 A child safe culture is championed and modelled at all levels of the organisation from the top down and bottom up. 

2.3 Governance arrangements facilitate implementation of the child safety and wellbeing policy at all levels. 

2.4 A Code of Conduct provides guidelines for staff and volunteers on expected behavioural standards and responsibilities. 

2.5 Risk management strategies focus on preventing, identifying and mitigating risks to children and young people. 

2.6 Staff and volunteers understand their obligations on information sharing and recordkeeping. 

Child Safe Standard 3

Children and young people are empowered about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously In complying with Child Safe Standard 3, an organisation must, at a minimum, ensure: 

3.1 Children and young people are informed about all of their rights, including to safety, information and participation. 

3.2 The importance of friendships is recognised and support from peers is encouraged, to help children and young people feel safe and be less isolated. Page 3 of 5 1300 782 978 

3.3 Where relevant to the setting or context, children and young people are offered access to sexual abuse prevention programs and to relevant related information in an age appropriate way. 

3.4 Staff and volunteers are attuned to signs of harm and facilitate child-friendly ways for children and young people to express their views, participate in decision-making and raise their concerns. 

3.5 Organisations have strategies in place to develop a culture that facilitates participation and is responsive to the input of children and young people. 

3.6 Organisations provide opportunities for children and young people to participate and are responsive to their contributions, thereby strengthening confidence and engagement.

Child Safe Standard 1
Organisations establish a culturally safe environment in which the diverse and unique identities and experiences of Aboriginal children and young people are respected and valued In complying with Child Safe Standard 1, an organisation must, at a minimum, ensure:

1.1 A child’s ability to express their culture and enjoy their cultural rights is encouraged and actively supported.

1.2 Strategies are embedded within the organisation which equip all members to acknowledge and appreciate the strengths of Aboriginal culture and understand its importance to the wellbeing and safety of Aboriginal children and young people. 

1.3 Measures are adopted by the organisation to ensure racism within the organisation is identified, confronted and not tolerated. Any instances of racism are addressed with appropriate consequences.

1.4 The organisation actively supports and facilitates participation and inclusion within it by Aboriginal children, young people and their families.

1.5 All of the organisation’s policies, procedures, systems and processes together create a culturally safe and inclusive environment and meet the needs of Aboriginal children, young people and their families.


Building My Best Possible Self As A Young Person Who Matters

Doing kind things to make others’ lives better is the best way to grow your wellbeing and build your best positive self. A smile, eye contact and saying “hello” with your heart is way to start.

Talking, sharing and being present in person with other people builds respectful and healthy relationships. Make the choice to look up from your phone or device to enjoy the great feelings you have by achieving what you set out to do, side-by-side with others. 


Good evening dear families!

We are proud of the amazing holidays we had together.

Week 1
Monday: We made desserts and the children made their own sandwiches for lunch. We played colour touch and coloured pasta.

Tuesday: We had a wonderul incursion full of fun dancing, sport and even circus elements. We then made Australian animals and our own comic books.

Wednesday: We decorated pots and planted seeds. We then made some flowers and made fairy pegs to put in our pots and then had the uno challenge.

Week 2
Monday: Pyjama day where we all dressed up in our pjs and made sleep masks, decorated cookies and made hot chocolate. We then had a dance party and played group games.

Tuesday: We went to the Zoo and it was the best excursion Galilee has had so far. All the children were following the map routes and the 4 hour walk wasn't even noticed as we enjoyed exploring. When we got back to GOSH we made pompom animals.

Wednesday:  We participated in a mystery solving incursion. It was great as children could show their abilities of deduction and logic. We also had a competition for them to make puzzles on time in groups. As always, the teamwork displayed was amazing! We had our personal butterflies, which sparked the day.

Thursday: It was nature day so we crafted things using leaves, bark and recycled materials. We played "red light- green light", colour touch and hide and seek. We also made sensory bags, turkeys and other funny things. The children enjoyed helping us to prepare afternoon snack.

Friday: We made Foosball tables and magnets, did some dancing and made some scratch art.

We want to remind you that it’s already spring, so please don’t forget to put hats into children’s bags as well as sunscreen if they have some preferences over the one we provide.

The rule until April: NO HAT, NO OUTDOOR PLAY 😊

As usually want to remind you to book/ register children at

Have a great weekend!

Kateryna, Ryger, Liana, Isabella

For more pictures click here.

Community News

Galilee Parent Association

Fathers Day Breakfast: 
What a fantastic morning for our annual Father’s Day Breakfast!
We thank the Year 1 Level Reps and Parent helpers for their organisation and preparation of such a fun event enjoyed by many of our school dads, special friends, and children.
We thank the following local businesses who supported our 2022 Father’s Day Breakfast through their generous donations: 

Ralph’s Meats South Melbourne Market
Woolworths Fishermen’s Bend
Coles Port Melbourne 
Baker’s Delight Port Melbourne

Calendar Changes:
Please note changes to upcoming school events.  Our Gala evening has had to be pushed back due to the basketball stadium not being ready for use on our original date of Saturday 22nd October.

The new date is Saturday 19th November. 

We thank you again for your ongoing support and look forward to seeing this Gala evening come to fruition. 

Galilee Parents Association

Galilee Dads Camp 2022 @ Wyuna Queenscliff

When: November 12-13th (Sat / Sun)
Where: YMCA Camp Wyuna Queenscliff - 71 Flinders St

We are very excited to announce Dad’s & Kids Camp. The eagerly awaited camp returns after being postponed. A great weekend for kids and dads alike, with fun team buildingactivities, bonding experiences, lasting friendships formed and memories made. An exciting overnight event, open to all Dads & Children of Galilee.

Please refer to flyer below for further information about the camp!  GALILEE DOGS CAMP 2022


Cost will be approx $180pp inclusive of meals, accommodation and activities. Previous years' camps have all been full capacity. Spaces are limited so, when released, book and pay to reserve your spots! Tickets go on sale tonight at 6pm. Book here:


We are very grateful to an amazing team of parents and the school community of Galiliee Regional Catholic Primary school in South Melbourne for their recent donation of school uniforms.
These beautiful students are just some of the lucky recipients of this much needed assistance, thank-you! 🙌🏼🙏🏼 💙

Junior X is the newest version of the game which is a fun, fast and exciting modified version of Australian Football played on a smaller field. An easy to play, action-packed style provides an environment where fun, enjoyment and safety are priority.

There is no training required and it is an 8-week summer competition (for kids aged 8-14 years old) run by AFL Victoria staff members starting this October.  We would love to see some current and new junior footballers bring along a friend and help them experience football for the first time in a fun and fast new format.


Important Dates & Information

Parent Calendar

Parent Calendar

Term Dates

Term 1 - Mon 31 Jan - Fri 8 April
Term 2 - Wed 27 April - Fri 24 June
Term 3 - Mon 11 July - Fri 16 Sept
Term 4 - Mon 3 Oct - Fri 16 Dec


School Closure Days

April 26
June 10
September 5
October 31
December 2

Camp Dates 2022

Year 6 Canberra - 11-14 July
Year 4 Angahook - 3 - 5 August
Year 3 Zoo Snooze - 5 (3L), 6 (3G) and 7 (3B) December 


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics, eye drops, Ventolin, creams or lotions etc.). All medication MUST be bought to the office.

Medical Consent Form

School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).Microfibre jacket can only be worn with the Sport Uniform or over the jumper for extra warmth.

Uniform Policy

The Galilee School Uniform is available for purchase from PSW.

PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Prices can be found on the PSW Website.

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee: Located at 228 Bank Street South Melbourne. Open on selected Wednesday mornings which will be published in the newsletter and/or via app.

Lunch Orders 

Attached is the lunch order list and ordering information for Renatta Catering. Order online at

Lunch Orders 2022

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link.


To book your child into Danceworld lessons during recess/lunch or for more information, visit or feel free to visit the studio next door to Galilee.