Galilee News: October 20 2022

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From the Principal

Dear Families,

NAPLAN and Curriculum
We have recently received some preliminary NAPLAN results on whole-school data.  Early indications show that, as a school, we have shown an improvement in our results.  This is a credit to our staff, students and families. In 2020 & 2021, students spent a significant amount of time working/learning from home. We are still awaiting other comparisons against the State and National Means.  We will share this information with the school community once we have received all of the data and it has been viewed by the staff.  While our results are impressive, it is worth reminding that NAPLAN does not always provide an accurate summation of a child’s progress.  Teachers regularly assess students in a variety of ways and gain an understanding of their processes and strategies used. 

At Galilee, we have used a variety of data to determine whole school priorities and in 2022 they are: Mathematics and STEM.

Secondary Schools
In recent years, some secondary colleges have introduced Year 5 as an entry to their school.  Some have even put pressure on families to accept the offer or risk not being offered a place in Year 7.  Remaining at primary school can be beneficial as the students are afforded many leadership opportunities.  They are also valued role models for younger students.  At Galilee, we have many great secondary schools that offer Year 7 as the main year of enrolment.  Star of the Sea in Brighton is where the largest cohort of our female students attend.  We are very fortunate to be a feeder-school to STAR. It offers a broad curriculum and the school has achieved outstanding academic results in recent years.  Today, I received another visit from a member of Xavier College (Catholic Boys College). They are openly encouraging Year 7 enrolments and are an excellent choice of school for boys.  Both of my daughters attended STAR and three of my nephews attended Xavier.  Many of our students have historically attended St Mary’s College (formerly CBC & PCW) and we have received numerous visits from their leadership team - they have a strong interest in Galilee.  Albert Park College is not a Catholic school but has built a strong reputation in our local area.  These are just some of the options for students attending secondary school.  Every parent has a right to choose an education facility and pathway for their child. 

New Facilities
Students learn in many ways and thrive when provided with different learning settings.  It’s wonderful that there are so many classes accessing these new spaces.  The main playground and rooftop space are places to commonly see students completing a variety of tasks.  Also, the new building offers a range of quiet and additional spaces where students can work together or independently, while still being supervised.  The spaces have large amounts of transparent glass for easy supervision.  The corridors have seating and engaging furniture.  We purchased all new furniture from Furware and we recently had a visit from their owner, CEO and sales representative.  They were thrilled to see the furniture being used by the students.


Galilee has always been located on a relatively small land size, which became even smaller throughout the building project.  Our students and staff adapted and learnt flexibility and cooperation within a confined space. 

We are very happy to be able to provide our students with impressive grounds and learning spaces.  Photos taken below are from lunchtime today. They show how much space the students are now able to access.

Happy Birthday Arte
Arte is celebrating her 5th birthday today. She is a valuable staff member who participates in Peaceful Kids and is a trained and accredited Therapy Dog.  She is available for pats throughout the day.  She is beautifully behaved and adored by the students and staff.  We are very grateful to Sharon, our Counsellor, who takes care of Arte and facilitates her participation in school programs.

Parent Engagement
In 2022, we have developed opportunities for parents to engage with our school. To be a successful school, we need the collective engagement of our parents and families.

In Week One, we had a fabulous attendance of parents at our Maths Night with Mick Ymer.  He demonstrated the many changes that have occurred in recent years, with the teaching of Maths.  Mick stressed the importance of developing mental computation strategies rather than the vertical algorithms that some parents were taught when at school.

Year Six students facilitated tours of our new facility, with many parents in attendance.  We know there is great excitement in our community and wanted to share this with the parents.

Some other events coming up are:

  • DOGs function on Friday, October 21
  • Parent Seminar- 5 Secrets to develop Confidence & Resilience on Tuesday, October 25 (over 150 parents have already registered to attend)
  • Galilee Open Day for 2023/24 Families on Wednesday, November 16
  • Spring Block Party (major fundraiser) on Saturday, November 19
  • Galilee Day and Building Opening (TBC) on Friday, November 25
  • School Musical on November 29 & 30

Best Wishes,

Simon Millar

Learning and Teaching

Maths ideas for when you are out and about with your children

In the car 

There are many games you can play in the car with your children to keep them occupied: 

  • Count the number of cars with your children. Make the game more challenging by counting cars of each colour. Keep a tally of the cars counted for each colour and at the end of the journey see which colour wins. Give values to each colour. For example white cars = 1 point, black cars = 2 points, blue cars = 3 points and so on. 
  • Talk about directions using language such as: left, right, north, south, east and west. 
  • Show your children how to read the maps in a street directory or electronic navigator using the reference numbers and letters. 
  • At the service station ask your children questions like:
    How much does the petrol cost today? and How do you know? 

In the neighbourhood 

When walking around the neighbourhood with your children:

  • Point out house numbers and talk about whether they are odd or even. 
  • Talk about shapes, for example: The give way sign is a triangle.
  • Talk about directions while walking to a friend’s house and the shops. 


Keep your children occupied when shopping by getting them to: 

  • Point out three-dimensional objects and say what the object is called, for example: This can is a cylinder.
  • Discover and talk about money, coins, notes and credit cards, for example the notes and coins you use to buy things, change that is given, the total amount of the items bought and what a credit and debit card is.
  • Work out how many of each item is needed, for example: If everyone eats two sausages, how many do we need for dinner? 
  • Find and group the heavy, light and tall items when unpacking the shopping. 
  • When possible allow students to pay with notes and coins and get them to work out the change before sending them up to pay.

School News October 20

October is Catholic Mission Month. This year, Catholic Mission month is called Socktober.  Please find attached information about this important event for Catholic schools.

Feel free to have a browse and see to what extent you'd like your family to participate:

This year Catholic Mission is raising money for famine stricken Ethiopia. 

This fits in perfectly with RE/STEM as we are looking after the health of others, especially the nutrition of Ethiopian babies, mothers and children. 

Therefore, on Friday October 28th, the staff and students are welcome to wear their favourite/funniest/most colourful socks to school with their sports uniform and bring along a gold coin donation.

Making a soccer ball from old socks and other items is a suggestion.

You might like to make these SOCKER balls with your family to kick around at home or bring to school on Friday October 28th. This incorporates looking after our own health as we look after the health of others. 

A possible slogan to unpack and discuss could be: "We are blessed to be a blessing."

We look forward to a successful Socktober day on Friday October 28th!

Year 4 


This term, we are learning to create a digital design that will help improve the health, safety and wellbeing of myself and those around us. We are using our STEM (Stanford Design Process) to assist us with our driving question:

How can I improve the health, safety and wellbeing of myself and those around me?

In Week 1, we were shocked when we this article that gave Australian children a D- for physical activity.  The article talked about how Australian children are spending more than the recommended daily amount playing on screens, but less time playing outdoors or playing sport. 

We began to investigate by taking a survey in our class. Each group chose a topic to represent on a bar chart including: screentime, daily amounts of fruit and vegetables, time spent playing sports, time spent outdoors, and time spent sleeping.  Our data revealed that overall we are very healthy. Even so, there is always room for improvement!

From our data, we began to define our problem and brainstorm ways to help improve our health, safety and wellbeing using ICT.

We took inspiration from companies like Nike, Cosmic Kids and GoNoodle to see what others were doing to assist with this problem.

This week, we began working with the Year 3 and Year 4 teachers taking part in workshops that focus on a different area of healthy living. 

4G worked with Mrs Latto on ways to improve their mental health and wellbeing through mindfulness and meditation. We also learned about creating podcasts.

4R worked with Mrs Gleeson learning about the benefits of a balanced diet, and creating an app.

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be learning about flexibility and green screen with Ms Greenan; speed, agility and video making with Mr Booth and spiritual health and Canva posters with Ms Rochecouste.

We are very excited to begin creating our prototypes that will include all of the exciting things we’ve been learning this term. 

We would like to conclude our Newsletter contribution with a prayer:

Thank you God for our healthy minds, hearts and bodies.

We are so grateful that we can learn, play and love others to the best of our abilities.

Help us to grow more healthy each and every day.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Child Safe Standards


The Victorian Government introduced  new Child Safety Standards on 1 July 2022.

What is different?

Although similar to Victoria’s current Child Safe Standards, key changes include new requirements:

  • to involve families and communities in organisations’ efforts to keep children and young people safe
  • for a greater focus on safety for Aboriginal children and young people
  • to manage the risk of child abuse in online environments
  • in relation to governance, systems and processes to keep children and young people safe.

We will be adding the new Child Safety standards to each newsletter for the rest of the term. This week, we are looking at Child Safety Standard 2 and 3.

In complying with Child Safe Standard 2, an organisation must, at a minimum, ensure: 

2.1 The organization makes a public commitment to child safety. 

2.2 A child safe culture is championed and modelled at all levels of the organisation from the top down and bottom up. 

2.3 Governance arrangements facilitate implementation of the child safety and wellbeing policy at all levels. 

2.4 A Code of Conduct provides guidelines for staff and volunteers on expected behavioural standards and responsibilities. 

2.5 Risk management strategies focus on preventing, identifying and mitigating risks to children and young people. 

2.6 Staff and volunteers understand their obligations on information sharing and recordkeeping. 

Child Safe Standard 3

Children and young people are empowered about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously In complying with Child Safe Standard 3, an organisation must, at a minimum, ensure: 

3.1 Children and young people are informed about all of their rights, including to safety, information and participation. 

3.2 The importance of friendships is recognised and support from peers is encouraged, to help children and young people feel safe and be less isolated. Page 3 of 5 1300 782 978 

3.3 Where relevant to the setting or context, children and young people are offered access to sexual abuse prevention programs and to relevant related information in an age appropriate way. 

3.4 Staff and volunteers are attuned to signs of harm and facilitate child-friendly ways for children and young people to express their views, participate in decision-making and raise their concerns. 

3.5 Organisations have strategies in place to develop a culture that facilitates participation and is responsive to the input of children and young people. 

3.6 Organisations provide opportunities for children and young people to participate and are responsive to their contributions, thereby strengthening confidence and engagement.

Child Safe Standard 1
Organisations establish a culturally safe environment in which the diverse and unique identities and experiences of Aboriginal children and young people are respected and valued In complying with Child Safe Standard 1, an organisation must, at a minimum, ensure:

1.1 A child’s ability to express their culture and enjoy their cultural rights is encouraged and actively supported.

1.2 Strategies are embedded within the organisation which equip all members to acknowledge and appreciate the strengths of Aboriginal culture and understand its importance to the wellbeing and safety of Aboriginal children and young people. 

1.3 Measures are adopted by the organisation to ensure racism within the organisation is identified, confronted and not tolerated. Any instances of racism are addressed with appropriate consequences.

1.4 The organisation actively supports and facilitates participation and inclusion within it by Aboriginal children, young people and their families.

1.5 All of the organisation’s policies, procedures, systems and processes together create a culturally safe and inclusive environment and meet the needs of Aboriginal children, young people and their families.

Community News

Galilee Parent Association


GPA Spring Block Party

Don’t forget to buy your tickets to this year’s major fundraiser, the Spring Block Party. Tickets are available online at

Donations and Sponsorship for Spring Block Party: We are seeking donations and sponsorship for our silent auction and live auction.

  • Do you have a company that could donate goods or services?
  • Do you work for a company that could donate goods or services?
  • Do you have a holiday house that you could donate the use of for a few nights?
  • Do you have connections that could donate goods or services?

No donation is too big or too small! The more that we get donated, the more variety there is for our silent and live auction.  As you’re aware, all proceeds made will go directly to the school to pay for the much needed resurfacing of the playground.

If you think you could help, please contact our Fundraising and Sponsorship coordinator - Margaux Bonne on

Please ensure any donation is accompanied by this form so we can acknowledge and thank our sponsors. There are printed forms in the office as well as a box to put any vouchers or donations into.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

Galilee Parents Association

Galilee Dads Camp 2022 @ Wyuna Queenscliff

When: November 12-13th (Sat / Sun)
Where: YMCA Camp Wyuna Queenscliff - 71 Flinders St

We are very excited to announce Dad’s & Kids Camp. The eagerly awaited camp returns after being postponed. A great weekend for kids and dads alike, with fun team building activities, bonding experiences, lasting friendships formed and memories made. An exciting overnight event, open to all Dads & Children of Galilee.

Please refer to flyer below for further information about the camp!  GALILEE DOGS CAMP 2022


Cost will be approx $180pp inclusive of meals, accommodation and activities. Previous years' camps have all been full capacity. Spaces are limited so, when released, book and pay to reserve your spots! Tickets go on sale tonight at 6pm. Book here:


Good evening, dear families! 

We have had outstanding days in GOSH even when the weather wasn’t kind to us 😊.

Some activities we did last week include;
Monday - We made butterflies, played basketball and played various group games.
Tuesday - We had morning gym, played soccer, basketball and made straw planes.
Wednesday - We played the dragon game and created paper loop bugs.
Thursday - We played ping-pong, basketball, soccer, and made octopuses.
Friday - We made ties, played the cross-knots game, made paper plate UFOs and played soccer.

This week’s weather has been much better so we spent almost all our time outside playing sport.

Monday - We did a “magic” role play, played soccer, basketball, made cards for the ones we love, played ping-pong and the colour game.
Tuesday - We played AFL and made heart rings from pipe cleaners.
Wednesday - We played AFL, basketball and made love bugs from paper plates.
Thursday - We played games outside and in keeping with our theme “Do you know what it means to love?” we made various hearts.

As we are well into Spring, we want to remind you to put hats in your children’s bags as well as sunscreen if they have preferences over the one we provide. Remember, the rule until April: NO HAT- NO OUTDOOR PLAY 😊

Please book/register your kids for GOSH at

Have a great weekend!

Kateryna, Ryger, Liana, Isabella

Click here to view more photos.

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Parent Calendar

Parent Calendar

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Term 3 - Mon 11 July - Fri 16 Sept
Term 4 - Mon 3 Oct - Fri 16 Dec


School Closure Days

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Camp Dates 2022

Year 6 Canberra - 11-14 July
Year 4 Angahook - 3 - 5 August
Year 3 Zoo Snooze - 5 (3L), 6 (3G) and 7 (3B) December 


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics, eye drops, Ventolin, creams or lotions etc.). All medication MUST be bought to the office.

Medical Consent Form

School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).Microfibre jacket can only be worn with the Sport Uniform or over the jumper for extra warmth.

Uniform Policy

The Galilee School Uniform is available for purchase from PSW.

PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Prices can be found on the PSW Website.

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee: Located at 228 Bank Street South Melbourne. Open on selected Wednesday mornings which will be published in the newsletter and/or via app.

Lunch Orders 

Attached is the lunch order list and ordering information for Renatta Catering. Order online at

Lunch Orders 2022

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link.


To book your child into Danceworld lessons during recess/lunch or for more information, visit or feel free to visit the studio next door to Galilee.