Galilee News: November 17 2022

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Mon 7 March - Labour Day
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From the Principal

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that we are now over halfway through Term 4, 2022 with a number of exciting activities still to occur.

Galilee’s Summer Block Party
We are looking forward to seeing many of you at Galilee’s Summer Block Party.  I would like to thank the GPA for the extraordinary effort that they have put into organising the event.  It promises to be a fantastic night. It will be a wonderful chance to get together as a school community in a relaxed atmosphere where we can catch up with old friends and meet new ones. 

We have had an extremely positive response with more tickets sold this year than ever before. 

This year we’re hoping to raise $30,000 at our Summer Block Party to help cover the cost of the newly resurfaced playground area.

Some of our students have put together a video for you to see how you can be involved.

  • Click here to see the video

Congratulations to Evie

Yesterday, our Evie (Year 3L) made her theatrical debut as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol at the Comedy Theatre Melbourne watched by Mrs Latto and Bianca T (staff)!  We are so proud of how brave and talented Evie is. She delivered a flawless performance along side amazing actors in front of an audience of 1004 people! Congratulations Evie! You are a superstar! 

You can find out more about the play here.

Galilee Day on November 25th

Student Semester Two Reports
Staff are currently working on assessment and reporting as they gather evidence to support students academic achievement against the Victorian Curriculum and the Religious Education Framework. 

Galilee’s Student Reports are in line with the reporting standards of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.  Your child’s report will be made accessible electronically, via a Parent Portal, for you to read and discuss with your child.  

  • You will notice that the structure and style of the reports has returned to a pre-COVID format with a greater emphasis on providing detailed checklists indicating student achievement across the Victorian Curriculum and Religious Education Framework.
  • All Victorian schools are mandated to fully implement The Victorian Curriculum and the Religious Education Framework with the following expectations: 
  • The standard curriculum frameworks approved for use by Victorian Catholic schools are the Victorian Curriculum F–10,  the Religious Education Framework, and the EAL (English as an Additional Language) Developmental Continuum P–10.
  • Where achievement is displayed graphically, it must be accompanied by a scale. 
  • Judgements must be displayed in a way that conveys progress since the last time the standard(s) were reported against in the school.  
  • The scale must be an age-level-expected scale. 
  • Achievement must be displayed using a five-point scale and will show growth, if it has occurred,  since the last Report.  

Your child’s achievement against the Victorian Curriculum and the Religious Education Framework for the semester is rated against a five point descriptor scale, displayed by a Dot, which identifies whether your child is: 

Well above the standard: Well above the standard expected at this time of year 

Above the standard: Above the standard expected at this time of year 

At the standard: At the standard expected at this time of year 

Below the standard: Below the standard expected at this time of year 

Well below standard: Well below the standard expected at this time of year 

Not all dimensions of a Learning Area are reported on each semester. If a child is showing the same result as the end of Semester One 2022, this does not mean that progress has not occurred.  Progress is not always even and each child has his/her own rate of learning.  Each increment represents six month’s growth and your child may still be progressing but consolidating what has been learnt previously, (your child may have shown five month’s growth but not moved up an increment). 

The Student Report format will contain a personalised general comment about the student’s academic achievement, personal and interpersonal skills, thinking skills, organisational skills as well as behaviour and effort.  

In the Student Report, the Achievement Standards, from the Victorian Curriculum are presented in a table.  Each student will be marked on the Achievement Standards, from the Victorian Curriculum against a five point scale. The table will indicate the student's level of mastery of each Achievement Standard with a tick against the scale heading that best represents their level of achievement.  After much consultation with staff, we have decided to change the scale used in tables for Semester Two Student Reports.  The decision to change the scale was based on staff feedback and in the hope that it more accurately indicates a student's level of achievement. 

The five-point scale used in the Student Report includes the same headings as those used: 

  • Working Well Above the Expected Range: Well above the standard expected at this time of year 
  • Working Above the Expected Range: Above the standard expected at this time of year 
  • Working Within the Expected Range: At the standard expected at this time of year 
  • Working Towards the Expected Range: Towards the standard expected at this time of year 
  • Working Below the Expected Range: Below the standard expected at this time of year 
  • No Evidence/Did Not Complete: The student did not complete the unit of work or complete the assessment for a range of reasons including being absent from school.

The Report will provide you with an overview of your child’s achievements and assist in strengthening our family-school partnership.  The Student Report is intended to promote discussion about how we can work together to benefit your child.  You are encouraged to speak positively about your child’s progress and areas they can develop further. 

If you have any questions, please discuss them with the classroom teacher. 

School Review
As you will be aware, Galilee went through a review process earlier this year with an external reviewer, Gavin Healy.  Gavin reviewed our school policies, procedures, and operations and spent three days with us at Galilee, meeting with the following groups:

  • The Leadership Team as a group and individually
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Learning Support Officers (LSO's)
  • A Parent Group
  • Various students from Year 3 to 6 
  • Classroom Visits in all classrooms
  • Specialist Teaching Staff and Part-Time Staff

Gavin recently returned to Galilee to present his report back to the staff.  He spoke highly of Galilee.  He made particular reference to the amazing sense of community, to our approach to student wellbeing, and to our student’s high academic outcomes.  He noted the work that had taken place to improve student outcomes and enhance and support student wellbeing despite two years that were affected by COVID lockdowns.  Gavin has suggested three priorities that he believes we could focus on, or continue to focus on, over the next four years to take Galilee from an outstanding school to an exceptional school.  I wanted to share the Executive Summary of his report of Galilee with you. 

External Review Executive Summary

Tomorrow, the leadership team is meeting to work on the Four Year School Improvement Plan and the 2023 Annual Action Plan that will lay the foundations for the work that we will engage in; ensuring we are continuing to improve and offer our students the very best education at Galilee.

Swimming Carnival
I would like to congratulate our students on their outstanding efforts at MSAC last Friday.  Students challenged themselves to perform their personal best as they competed against their peers in a variety of races.  Thank you to Kingsley and the Sports Team and staff for organising and running a successful day.  Thank you to the large team of Parent Helpers who assisted in a variety of ways to ensure that the day ran smoothly and the students were well supported. 

Galilee on Broadway
We are all getting very excited about our upcoming concert Galilee on Broadway.  Tickets are selling fast, if you haven't already purchased tickets, we encourage you to secure your tickets as soon as possible.  Students have been working very hard to prepare and practice for their item in the concert.  At Galilee, we believe in educating the whole child by encouraging, supporting and celebrating their many talents in a variety of ways.  The school concert is an opportunity to support, challenge and celebrate students performing arts skills and talents.  We thank Danceworld staff and Galilee staff for continuing to pour all their energy and passion into ensuring the students are well prepared with our students and the wider community.

I wish you every blessing in the coming week,

Simon Millar




Galilee on Broadway

Galilee On Broadway Communication

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are now only two weeks away from our performance of ‘Galilee On Broadway’ and as the concert is fast approaching, we wanted to communicate a few of the details that are necessary to know prior to the concert.

The Galilee School Concert, Galilee on Broadway, will take place on Tuesday 29th at 6.30pm and Wednesday 30th November at 2pm and then again at 6.30pm. All Galilee students are performing in all three performances. All performances are taking place in the new Galilee Stadium.

Concert tickets can be booked at Galilee on Broadway and will be available for pick up from the school office from Thursday 24th November.

Tuesday 29th NOVEMBER

  • Tuesday is a normal school day for all students. Students will be collected after school at 3.25pm as normal.
  • The Concert will take place in the Galilee Basketball Stadium and runs for approximately 1 hour.
  • Students need to be dropped off in their classrooms.
  • Students need to wear casual clothes of their choice (easy to change in and out of).
  • Students are NOT to wear any makeup and no make-up will be applied.
  • Students are to wear sneakers/runners (any colour).
  • Students are to be picked up from their classroom at 7.45 pm (we request only one parent to move around the school to collect their child).
  • All students will need to be signed-out at the end of the night so that we have records of who collected students at the end of each performance. Please note, students can not be collected during the performance.
  • Please note there is no interval during the show.
  • We will be requesting parent helpers for each show in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2, via an Operoo request. Information regarding the requirements of parent helpers will be included in the Operoo.

Wednesday 30th NOVEMBER : Matinee

  • Students may come to school at any time up until 10.45am on Wednesday 30th November - Please note, students arriving after 8.50am will be marked the roll as a late arrival (not absent) for safety and security reasons.
  • Students are to wear school uniform with sneakers on.
  • Matinee Concert will take place during school hours, when the students are already at school.
  • Students are to be picked up from their classroom on Wednesday 30th November at normal pick up time of 3.25pm.

Wednesday 30th NOVEMBER : Evening Concert

  • Students are to be dropped off in their classrooms at 5.30pm on Wednesday 30th.
  • Students are to wear casual clothes (easy to change in and out of).
  • Students are NOT to wear any makeup and no make-up will be applied.
  • Students need to wear sneakers (any colour).
  • Students are to be picked up from their classroom at 7.45 pm (we request only one parent to move around the school to collect their child).
  • All students will need to be signed-out at the end of the night so that we have records of who collected students at the end of each performance. Please note, students can not be collected during the performance.
  • Please note there is no interval during the show.

Thursday 1st DECEMBER

  • Students may come to school at any time up until 10.45am on Thursday December 1st - Please note, students arriving after 8.50am will be marked the roll as a late arrival (not absent) for safety and security reasons. 

Other information:

Dismissal of Students after each performance:

- Students will be dismissed from their classroom after each show.
- They will need to be signed out from their classroom.
- If you arrange for someone else to take your child home they will need to sign them out on the attendance sheet. You will also need to have informed your teacher via DOJO if someone else is taking your child home.


Costumes are provided by Dance World, however you may need to provide a simple item eg: white  t-shirt.
- Details regarding any specific items you may need to provide will be sent out this Friday 18th November.

We anticipate there will be further information shared with our families next week.


School News November 17

Galilee Day BBQ

On Friday 25th November we will be celebrating Galilee Day!

On this day, TheirCare will be very generously catering a BBQ for the students, supplying sausage in bread for each student. 

Volunteers from TheirCare, with the help of volunteers from the GPA will cook the BBQ and students will receive one sausage each. We understand this may not be enough food for lunch, so students should also bring their own lunch to supplement the supplied sausage.

We thank TheirCare and the GPA for their continued support for our students.

Year Level Representatives 2023

We are calling for nominations for 2023 Year Level Reps. 

Please see the attached documents:

- Year Level Representative Application Form

- Year Level Representative Registration Form *to be completed once application has been accepted

- Year Level Representative Role Description - Code of Conduct

- Parent Communication Group Guidelines 

Please note that as this role is a Year Level Representative position (not a class representative) your child’s 2023 class allocation has no bearing.

As of 2023, the school has introduced a new year level representative policy in order to be more inclusive and far reaching to the school community. This means that a parent or guardian cannot be a Year Level Representative for consecutive years for the same year group. ie, Prep 2022 and Year 1 2023.

In situations where a year level does not have any applications, the school will approach parents or guardians on a more direct basis in order for new volunteers to take up the vacancy. In such instance, a role share or role term rotation may be created.

Please register your interest by emailing a completed application form to Parent Partnerships Leader, Carmen Carnovale -

Pontifical Children’s Mission Society Colouring Competition

Hello everyone,

On 19th May 2023, the Pontifical Children’s Mission Society will celebrate 180 years, so we are beginning the celebrations now!

Catholic Mission Australia are holding a drawing competition - with one  winner from every Australian Diocese -  looking for the best picture illustrating how Pope Francis inspires children to help other children.

The entry form is attached or may be downloaded from:

Global drawing competition

Entry is free, but hurry because entries close 30 November 2022.

Good luck and happy drawing!!!

Helen Rochecouste

Community News

Spring Block Party - this Saturday 19th November

Thank you to everyone who has supported the upcoming fundraising event, our Spring Block Party which will be held this Saturday night. 

We have been overwhelmed by the very generous support of our school community. Whether it be a donation, offering to assist on the evening, helping to transport goods, purchasing tickets to attend the evening or bidding in our online auction, every bit counts towards us raising funds for our children’s playground.

The generous support and donations from our local community has been overwhelming. We will thank each of the businesses and organisations who have donated after the event.  Our Spring Block Party Committee has worked tirelessly in a short period of time to organise what will be a fantastic night to showcase our new school facilities.

This is also an opportunity to come together after 2 years of not being able to gather together.  We thank the Committee for their amazing work, and we look forward to a great night on Saturday night!

If you haven’t already, please go online to view the many auction items available.

Link to put in a proxy bid for live auction items:

Link to bid on silent auction items:

*keep an eye out for new items added daily to the silent auction!

Galilee Parents Association

Galilee Dads and Kids Camp  

This year's Dads & Kids camp was a huge success.  

Total of 91 (54 kids and 37 dads) descended upon YMCA Wyuna in Queenscliff on Saturday 12th November.  The early 9am start didn't deter our eager pups from arriving on time salivating the prospect of a fun filled weekend of bike riding, canoeing and pizza making. 
The morning's activities were action packed with cycling along the local coastal trail, paddling around Swan Bay and scoffing down hand made wood fired pizzas.  The sfternoon afforded free time to explore the campgrounds surrounding bushland, play table tennis, basketball, volleyball and beach cricket. As evening descended, the dads managed to get the kids to pause briefly for BBQ dinner followed by chocolate moose desert and campfire roasted marshmallows. 
While the younger pups progressively peeled off to bed, the dads and older kids settled in around the campfire enjoying each other's company, bonding, making friends, swapping stories and relaxing.   
A memorable weekend full of experiences the kids will remember for their lifetime.  Thanks to all the dads & kids who attended.
Can't wait for next year's installment.  

James Eagle

Important Dates & Information

Parent Calendar

Parent Calendar

Term Dates

Term 1 - Mon 31 Jan - Fri 8 April
Term 2 - Wed 27 April - Fri 24 June
Term 3 - Mon 11 July - Fri 16 Sept
Term 4 - Mon 3 Oct - Fri 16 Dec


School Closure Days

April 26
June 10
September 5
October 31
December 2

Camp Dates 2022

Year 6 Canberra - 11-14 July
Year 4 Angahook - 3 - 5 August
Year 3 Zoo Snooze - 5 (3L), 6 (3G) and 7 (3B) December 


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics, eye drops, Ventolin, creams or lotions etc.). All medication MUST be bought to the office.

Medical Consent Form

School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).Microfibre jacket can only be worn with the Sport Uniform or over the jumper for extra warmth.

Uniform Policy

The Galilee School Uniform is available for purchase from PSW.

PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Prices can be found on the PSW Website.

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee: Located at 228 Bank Street South Melbourne. Open on selected Wednesday mornings which will be published in the newsletter and/or via app.

Lunch Orders 

Attached is the lunch order list and ordering information for Renatta Catering. Order online at

Lunch Orders 2022

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link.


To book your child into Danceworld lessons during recess/lunch or for more information, visit or feel free to visit the studio next door to Galilee.