Return to School Announcement


Dear Parents and Carers, 
We hope that you are as excited as we are, about the news that we can return to school from tomorrow. School will resume, as normal, for all students and staff at Galilee, from 


from tomorrow. School will resume, as normal, for all students and staff at Galilee, from Thursday 18th February, 2021.


“From 11:59pm tonight, we will largely return to the previous rules… Students will be able to head back to school. Workers will be able to get back to work.”

- Statement from the Premier, 17th February, 2021.


We understand that the lockdown may have put strain on families and workplaces and hope that the return to a more COVID-normal life is pleasing news. As you are aware, we have a school counsellor, Sharon Cameron, who is available to work with students. If you believe your child/ren may need extra support following this lockdown, please contact Wendy in the school office and we will do everything we can to support you and your family through what may be a very difficult time.


School Closure Day - Friday March 12

I would like to thank you all for changing your plans to accommodate your children at home and support their learning without much notice. The staff were impressed by how quickly students accessed their class Dojo and by their enthusiastic approach to the home learning tasks that were set. In light of the snap lockdown over the past three days, we have decided to reduce our upcoming school closures to Friday March 12 only. Previously Thursday March 11 was advertised also as a closure day but can now be attended by students.


Drop off and Pick-up

Outlined below are our Drop off and Pick-up times and procedures. These times and procedures remain unchanged from what we were doing before the lockdown. We would like to remind you that face masks are required if you are inside the school and recommended when we are outside and can not maintain a distance of 1.5m from others.


“Masks will continue to be a big part of our defence and will be required everywhere indoors except at home – at the supermarket, at the office, at the pub when you’re getting up to pay.

Masks will also be required outside if you can’t physically distance from others.”

- Statement from the Premier, 17th February, 2021.


During our pick-up procedure it can, at times, be difficult to maintain a distance of 1.5metres from others. In line with COVID19 recommendations, we recommend you to wear a face mask during pick-up time.


We look forward to seeing all our staff and students return to onsite learning tomorrow.




Simon Millar

Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School



Drop off and Pick-up Times and Procedures


Mornings: The Bank Street Gate (Park Street will not be available) will open at 8.35am and all students will go directly to their classrooms.

We respectfully request that parents remain outside the school grounds in the mornings. This is due to current COVID -19 protocols, where any adult onsite for more than 15 mins must sign in for contact tracing purposes.

If you need to speak to someone, we encourage you to call the office so we can arrange an appointment time or email/Dojo your child's teacher.


Afternoons: Please be reminded of our current times that students are to be picked up at the end of the school day.


  •         Siblings A- K     3.15pm
  •         Siblings L – Z    3.20pm
  •         All other students  3.25pm