At Galilee, our teachers differentiate and personalise the curriculum each day, catering for the individual needs of each child within their classroom. Our teachers identify and target each students’ interests and abilities across all learning areas, providing engaging and enriching experiences. Our students are provided extension and or support based on their individual learning needs.   


Our Learning Diversity Leaders work in partnership with our classroom teachers to develop Personal Learning Plans (PLP’s) for students who

require additional learning support. Personalised Learning Plans are designed to support the academic, social and emotional needs of our children. Our team of Learning Support Officers (LSO’s) also provide additional support to our teachers and students within the classroom setting. 



The Wellbeing of our students is fostered through:


  • A whole school approach to Respectful Relationships

  • Prep to Year 6 Student Representative Council (Leadership members)

  • Student Wellbeing Leader

  • Prep to Year 6 Social Justice Leaders

  • Peaceful Kids and Peaceful Classrooms

  • Prep - Year 6 Buddy Program

  • Seasons for growth

  • Extra-Curricular Activities - Instrumental Lessons

  • Sun Smart School

  • Extra-Curricular Activities - Dance/Drama

  • Onsite School Counsellor 

  • Extensive Prep Orientation program

  • Individualised learning plans for diverse needs of students

  • Grade 6 transition program

  • 'Restorative Practices' approach to conflict management and relationship restoration

  • Camp Program from Year 1 to 6


The following Wellbeing Programs are offered at Galilee:

Peaceful kids

Peaceful kids is a mindfulness and positive psychology program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children


LEGO®  Therapy-LEGO®

Based Therapy is a strengths-based program that works by teaching children observation and adaptability skills. Children learn to look to each other for information, support and are able to build relationships in a safe and respectful environment.


Social Skills

Social skills groups provide children the opportunity to develop their play, social and emotional skills in a fun and engaging environment. The groups are tailored to support each child’s individual goals.


For all these programs children can be nominated by their parent/carer or teacher and consent is required from their parent/carer.


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