Prep Enrolments

Children must turn 5 years of age before the 30th April in the year they are commencing school. Permission to grant an exemption is on the basis of a number of conditions which must be understood and accepted by the parents and carers. These conditions include:

  1. Permission from the Director of Catholic Education,
  2. Approval by the school given class sizes,
  3. Readiness of the child as per Minimum Age Exemption Criteria Form.

A copy of the child's Birth Certificate and Baptism Certificate (if applicable) must be provided. This should be attached to your Enrolment Form.


Non-Catholic families lodging an enrolment will need to include a personal letter clearly stating the reasons they are seeking enrolment in a Catholic school.


An immunisation certificate must be provided for all children, prior to their commencement at school, this can be obtained from your local council.


Individual interviews will be conducted for all new Catholic enrolment applicants after enrolments close. Times will be arranged by the school.



The Prep Transition Program will commence in Term 2 for all new Prep students the year before they begin school.


An Information Night for all Prep parents will be held in Term 4.


2022 Schedule of Fees and Charges


Other information

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Enrolment - Languages other than English

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Enrolment Form Primary Filipino

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