Seeds and Sprouts Early Learning Program

The Seeds and Sprouts Program aims to prepare children for a Primary School environment. 


The Seeds program is open to all children in the City of Port Phillip who will begin school in 2025.

The Sprouts Program is open to all children who are enrolled to begin school at Galilee in 2024.


The skills and learning areas our program aims to develop are:

  • Cognitive skills - being curious and developing an interest in learning new things, having the confidence to learn, being interested and encouraging a a willingness to solve problems.
  • Language skills - asking questions and communicating thoughts and ideas, listening to others, developing conversation skills, listening to stories and being read to.
  • Social and Emotional Learning - participating in play experiences, being flexible with play ideas and compromising, approaching and greeting children in a positive way and making new friends, identifying and expressing emotions appropriately, coping with transitions.
  • Self-help skills - using the toilet unassisted, dressing and undressing themselves independently, exposure to a structured environment, working at the table.
  • Physical skills -movement- jumping, skipping, hopping, using equipment such as, balls and climbing equipment.
  • Fine Motor Skills - scissors, correct pencil grip, finger strengthening tasks
  • Pre-Literacy Skills - Recognising and using phonics, sounds, letters and words, writing and reading name.
  • Pre-Numeracy Skills - Recognising numbers and making numbers. Developing an understanding of problem solving and maths concepts.



Seeds Program flyer: click here.

Seeds Application form: click here.



Sprouts Program flyer: click here.

Sprouts Application form: click here.

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