School Advisory Council

Our School Advisory Council (SAC) is an advisory group of parents who support our Principal in the pursuit of education and the development of Galilee - and parents are able to join via a nomination and interview process. 


The members of the School Advisory Council 2022 are:


Principal - Simon Millar
Deputy Principal - Amy Burns
Deputy Principal - Carlo Martello
Community Partnerships and Parent Liaison Leader, Religious Education Learning and Teaching Leader, Number Intervention & Compliance and Planning - Carmen Carnovale (school staff)
Secretary - Cate James (school staff)
Chair - Carlo Pizzini (Year 4 and 1 Parent)

Member - Bernard Mandile (Year 3 Parent)

Member - Dominique Barker (Year 2 Parent)

Member - El Duffy (Year 2 and Year 4)

Member - Allan Menagh (Year 4 and Year 6)

Member - Mark Shaw (Year 2 and Year 5)

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