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Learning and Teaching at Galilee centres on supporting each student to access knowledge, understanding and skills that provide a foundation for successful and lifelong learning and participation in the community.


Galilee provides a dynamic and supportive environment where students are encouraged to be independent and co-operative lifelong learners. We endeavour to cater for particular learning styles through teaching practice. We are committed to the development of each unique individual so that he or she may be well prepared to contribute to a rapidly changing society in a responsible and effective manner.


The school offers a comprehensive range of academic programs and extracurricular activities which aim to develop fundamental knowledge skills and behaviours which underpin future learning. Students are encouraged to see themselves as lifelong learners, to set goals and to celebrate their own achievements as well as those of their peers.


We aim to achieve this through our curriculum which is developed within the guidelines of the Victorian Curriculum. Our curriculum supports the students by providing learning opportunities that:

  • have core knowledge and skills integrated across the curriculum in authentic ways
  • are personalised
  • reflect students’ interests and experiences
  • are rigorous and relevant
  • are inquiry based using contemporary tools and emerging technologies
  • seek to develop critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaborative skills
  • provide opportunities for reflection and evaluation
  • are rich in assessment
  • provide opportunities for action and engagement with the wider community

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