Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical Education involves students learning about ways to maintain a lifelong, healthy, physically active life. Students learn about the importance of eating healthy foods and participating in regular exercise. Students are encouraged to improve their own and others' health and physical wellbeing.


When learning about their health, students learn how their body, their physical environment and their personal behaviours all contribute to their health and wellbeing.


Students develop a range of movement skills and physical fitness and learn skills in a variety of sports. Over their stay at Galilee, students will experience a range of physical activities including outdoor and recreational sports, activities and games that are performed individually and in groups..


Our School students participate in the Southern Region Sports Program. Sports which includes: Football, Netball, Cross Country, Swimming and Athletics. Our students also participate in Lightning Premiership Days in sport such as Softball, Soccer and Basketball.

Health and Physical Education Policy

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